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Bronze Age Expansion

What features would you like to be added into this DLC?

-Standing Armies

Canals, Aquaducts, Walls, Ancient Egyptians,…

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Walls were developed in the neolithic… but possibly better developed walls would be cool

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Well off I remember correctly, most walls made during the stone age were mainly made to keep out wildlife and once human population started to grow and the need for more resources grew made people start developing walls like we think of walls today… if that makes sense

That certainly was not the case in Greece lol. some of those neolithic walls were massive and definitely used defensively.

Interesting didn’t know that. Most of my knowledge is for northern America, but thanks for the information

… this game is set in Europe…

I know that. It’s just means most of my knowledge is basically useless.

for the most part, me too. I’m more acquainted with the bronze age near east than Europe.

Here’s a link to inventions from the Bronze Age. Hopefully you guys can play some in. Not all Technologies were huge steps in life somewhere just for the simple day-to-day enjoyments like umbrellas and soap. Or for fun like kites or primitive games.

And it would be fun to see people writing, and doing plays like the ancient Greeks did. Just small things like that

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Concerning the Bronze Age DLC :

  • Trade is a must-have. There is no place in Europe (world?) where you have both tin and copper in a 10km² square.
  • More complex social interaction (unrest/revolt, complex cerenomy)
  • More complex war with real armies
  • Irrigation and canal digging for crop
  • More resources chains and craft

Something I would love is a strategic map of the area cut in 1-10km² squares and you can have a big town with palace and temples on one square and resources specific villages in the squares around (and you manage the trade route on the strategic map). It is more realistic than every thing in the same map and less CPU consuminng than a big 100km² map


All of these are must haves to make a proper bronze age dlc. You can’t have the bronze age in the near east without the conquests of Sargon the Great XD.

I would too. Although can we move the village squares back into the end of the neolithic so it’s in the base game too? Like, I thought there were cities like Uruk which held considerable colonies as well as villages surrounding it during the copper age… or should the copper age be allocated to the start of the bronze age DLC? Or is that even a consequential factor?

I would love it but this is entirely on the devs shoulders. Given the amount of work they have I not sure they can fit this feature in the base game in time. If they implement it later for Bronze age they could also add it to the base game period (as all games will be on the same engine)

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makes sense. I hope they have something like it in the works though as it would be pretty cool to have resource gathering hamlets to have to protect as well as your well-fortified capital.

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What do you mean by [quote=“Sargon, post:26, topic:1118”]village squares[/quote] ?

like what @louis.mervoyer suggested. Having smaller separate maps (village squares - for lack of a better term) in which we can build outlying outposts to gather resources by building little villages or hamlets whose products can ultimately be transferred to our capital, or taxed, etc.

I knew that could not be about big central clear spaces in towns !

lol, sorry poor vocab on my part

The closer game feature I can think of is the simcity 4 region map :

You can choose any square and build in it, moreover they are linked together

My idea is to merge this map with the anno series trade map :