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My feeling is that while the devlopers are passionate about history, they have the goal of creating a game first and foremost in their mind (I’m with you on this being the priority). I think they can filter out the less relevant topics brought up in the forum (interesting as they might be for several people) and not be overburdened - most discussions are not really framed as requests as to what needs to be included. I trust the developers when it comes to game design decisions.


I do expect there to be bronze tools in the bronze age though wink


I totally agree with you @bootneck . I was writing a big article about the agriculture and food supplies but I stopped 2 days ago. I merge the idea of playing a game with a survival pre-historic simulation. It’s quite interesting because I came to the same conclusion than you. I was especially thinking about the pareto principles you made the game at 80% close to the simulation and to make the last 20%, you spend 80% of all project time. Despite the fact that some may be interesting in the historical aspects, I really don’t care about that. It’s just an excuses to say that people are more focused about surviving than thinking about what I’m going to wear as cloth or what I can do with electricity.


Thanks for the reply folks and I really do appreciate that there are members who are interested in the historical data of the game, but it seems that the majority of the posts are about getting the historical facts correct rather than how enjoyable (or not) the game will be on lauch day.
@Dernwine, what gave it away that I was a Royal? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Should have read Launch day (don’t know how to edit posts yet)

About historical accuracy I am more for “mechanics” accuracy than “strict clothes” accuracy like explained in the second video of this post : How will aging of people work? (If you like game design, Extra Credit is a great youtube channel : interesting and accessible)

edit At the end of this topic Bronze Age DLC @Sargon and I were talking about strategic/region map and how it could be design maybe you would like to contribut and give of thoughts on it :slight_smile:.


i’d love to hear your input.

Okay, but is there some reason we shouldn’t talk about prehistory? If nothing else, this is a forum that has attracted a lot of people interested in prehistory, and that’s what people who are interested in prehistory like to do. If we’re only allowed to talk about a game that doesn’t yet exist I think we’ll soon run out of topics.

I don’t think I’ve seen anyone “harassing” the devs or telling them they have to make the game accurately portrary XYZ. That would certainly be out of order. But as it is I think the devs can read the discussions (or not), and if there are any useful tidbits of information there, they can use them. If not, I don’t think anyone minds.


well said. But, I can see where @bootneck and @Artybloc are coming from. They feel alienated in such discussions and probably would like to participate in game-related threads; but, they find our rather frequent deep dives into prehistory to be overwhelming and inaccessible.

Not that I mind, as I like learning new things and having a healthy debate. But, I know that this is not for everybody and I can respect that. Maybe the devs could make a separate category in the forum for our forays into the prehistorical analysis we so often find ourselves in?


To be perfectly honest, I think that I’m getting all these historical facts because I’m fascinated by history but you do have a point.

same. I love history too. But, I realize that because this is a game there are probably more people interested in game mechanics than the actual history that they’re based on. I can respect that and I don’t want to alienate them from the conversation.

I don’t know, I must have some sort of sixth sense when it comes to squaddies. :wink: I’m RAMC, went through my phase 2 with a few Bootnecks. We even managed to train one to say “Scoffhouse” instead of “Galley” like a normal human :smiley:

btw if you look under your post you’ll see a number of icons, including a chain, a pencil a few dots and “reply.” If you press the pencil it lets you edit your post.

@Louis.mervoyer Extra Credits ironically enough is also a great channel for History as well :stuck_out_tongue:

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But did they still do their Dobie and have a Whet?

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Yes but so do we. However they still yomp which I will never do.
(this is when all the civies start wondering what the ahem we’re on about.)

I always thought that Pongo’s (sorry, the Army) called a Whet a Brew and I am very surprised that they did Dobie, as how else would they have gotten their nickname :smiling_imp:

Both whet and brew are in fairly common use now with us Pongos, though brew is still more common.
The problem is; dirty uniforms are alley, and alleyness saves lives. So you’ve got to be careful with that dobiedust. XD

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Yes :blush: It is how I discover them (when they did a small serie on the 2nd punic war before they created Extra History sub channel). More ironically, their current serie is on the Bronze age collapse !:smile:

It could be a good idea to contact them for the indiegogo. Afterall their audience are game and history lovers.

Cool, would you do that, perhaps? I agree that there should be quite some overlap regarding the audience.

Message sent! I don’t know if it going to work but at least I tried :sweat_smile:!


Hi bootneck… you and I are about the same age although I was Navy myself, I did have a fair bit of contact with booties during my time… I wonder if we met?