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Side note: when you’re creating new topics, post them under the right category - your suggestions and questions abou the game should go under AC Feedback and Suggestions; lost of topics will need to be moved by the moderators.

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sorry, big daddy @Marko

Haha, okay, I care for the orderly state of the forum :slight_smile: it’s just the way I am, and I feel invested in all this.
No need for the snark.

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exactly, you care so much that you are Big Daddy Marko… (I think this should be your name)

For the record, I don’t like it.
It often shows that you’re indeed 18, I guess that’s what rubs some people the wrong way. Anyway, back to constructive discussions.

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lol, just chill out @Marko. It often shows that you can’t take a joke like an autistic robot, but no need for the insults :smiley:

Wow… just wow

You seem to have a pretty thin skin for someone who has picked a fight in a half dozen posts. And now you are worrying about whether I liked someone’s post or not, grow up man, what it has to do with you if agree with someone?

  1. my skin is thin… and I generally don’t try to pick fights. But, I do try to rectify issues - whether they are in someone else’s post or in my own opinion so that there is as little misinformation as possible. Which, I know, can be seen as annoying and pedantic. For example, this is a fight I didn’t wish to engage in. However, I feel like you’re instigating it with me rather than the other way around since I was just trying to have some fun and you went all Aspergers on me.

  2. I’m not worried about it, in fact, I find your obedience kind of endearing in a way. Like a loyal side kick. Lol, jk. I forget how thin skinned you are for taking a joke about you too seriously. . .

  3. This is the internet, if you can’t take a joke then you need not apply.

  1. No you did very much pick this fight Sargon. @Marko politely pointed out an error you are making and could, even should rectify (you go on about what you’d like to see the team achieve but don’t seem to react well when someone points out how changing your behavior might reduce their workload). You reacted with what could be seen as snark and then didn’t back off when you where called out on it. You then dragged someone else into it who was barely involved.

  2. Again continuing to pick a fight.

  3. This might be the internet but so far this forum has been very civil. Stop trying to drag it down to youtube common denominator behavior please.

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  1. I called him big daddy… not too sure that warranted an ad hominem attack on me.
  2. I am continuing it, however, I did not start it.
  3. I’ll try harder not to come off as a dick, seeing as that is how joking around is being viewed as now.

Comment tone can easily be misunderstand. After all with text only we are missing all facials epression and voice tone (which represent a significant part of human expression).

To correct that I try to use emoticon when I think that my comment could be misunderstand (not 100% effective but still).

Reputation also count and unfornatunatly for you yours is not the best which can lead pepole to misunderstand your comment. However nothing is set in stone so “Keep Calm and Carry On” :wink:

Wish I used them more often then XD, would have saved me the time spent trying to fix my bad reputation. However, I would like to point out that I change my views almost instantaneously in response to factual errors corrected or better opinions proposed to me. I don’t hold onto anything that I know is wrong. However, in the case of my reputation, you should also see that I am honest and unafraid of criticisms that aim to assist the development of this game. Guess its time to bury the hatchet and give up. I kind of feel like Ned Stark in King’s landing here, surrounded by people who seem to want me dead. So, I yield, you guys win, no more jokes, no more digs, no more emotion… just the way you like it.

This worthy of all honour and praise so don’t change it :wink:

Be carefull winter is coming :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Emotions are good, it is what make us human but the question is : Are you the one to control them or they are the ones who control you ?:wink: (enought of movies and series quotes :innocent:)


lol, Winter has already come. lol. At least on the tv series…

Thanks for clarifying that. I didn’t know they even said that Lol.

Oh look a “clever” comment, what a shocker.

assuming that was aimed at me, I was being appreciative… no need to be hostile.

Sorry, I read it as being sarcastic. I posted my thing after skimming the post and missed that nuLoon had quoted the exact thing I was referring to. When I saw your post I assumed since you had been talking to them it was meant as a mock.

My reputation must be pretty bad for you to assume that I was mocking them lol. no big deal, just realize that i don’t intend to be hostile unless someone says something as stupid or more stupid than: “It’s called Damascus steel because it was forged in Damascus”