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Starting conditions?

Title says it all, i.e. Population-season -location choice?

In addition with the common map settings, what I furthermore hope to see is an option to manually pin out on the map exactly where you want to start. Rather than having a basic base planted down somewhere by choice of the game.


Perhaps something along the lines of how the Rimworld game starts out would be a good idea!

This was one of my biggest peeves about Banished.

Where you start shouldn’t matter too much though, I believe somewhere it was said that you can migrate to a different map, and besides the early stages of the game should be nomadic to some degree. So even if the game does plant you down somewhere you don’t like, you can always just move to where you want to be.

I think this should be part of what makes the early game interesting, trying to find the ideal place to settle, rather than just selecting it in a pre-game menu.


that would be cool. But I think he means more about mid-to-late game starts (if you just want to city build). In that case, I want that control over start-pos. I think an early game should start off like the beginning to FCP where we crawl through a cave system or pass over some other barrier into the map. This would position you at the edge of the map to start off and force you to travel around and would serve as a good framing and plot device for the story telling of the game.

Dust does the same thing

Do you even think there will be mid game starts? I haven’t heard of anything like that in the works.

no clue. But, I would assume that you could opt to start the Bronze age expansion from its own start based upon how expansions usually work. No clue about the base game though. I would assume not, but for the sake of argument, I would like that included.

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Eneas, You can start in the Bronze Age with a migrating tribe too.

do we have to or is it optional?

Not sure at this moment. Our focus is in Neolithic game play right now.
But I don’t see a problem to start nomadic always, even more in the Bronze Age, time of colonisation with settlers moving everywhere.

I see. I just wanted to know if say there was an island on the map and we wanted to start on that island instead of first having to build a city and discover boats in order to get there if we could get there first. Idk, it’s your game and I thought it would be a useful gameplay mechanic.

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