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Mod: Translation to PT-BR


Just uploaded in Steam a mod that allows PT-BR as a language to all brazilian players. For the game developers @UncasualGames , two questions:
1- in PT-BR we have a lot of gender designations and inflections, how the sintaxe is done to cover that?

2 -how can we keep up recieving news texts each update to keep the mod updated?

Thank you for this promissing game!

Qualquer dúvida e sugestão da comunidade lusófona, estou a disposição para mudar e alterar a tradução! Só comentar aqui, ou escrever lá na página da oficina!

You can check this post Localisation documentation
And also check the Language.h file found in every mod language, where specific functions are declared to cope with language necessities.
The english one it’s in \Program files\Steam\steamapps\common\Ancient Cities\Ancient\Data\Ancient\Language\en\Language.h
The other ones are inside the mod internal directory \Program files\Steam\steamapps\common\Ancient Cities\Ancient\Data\Ancient\Mod[Language Mod]\Ancient\Language\en\Language.h

We update the How to create a language mod

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I cannot acess the first link…

But I’ve started to see your code in C for language, and, with the french/spanish translation exemple, I think i can menage the portuguese br. Thank you for your time and your tutorial!

Hey @leitetm, French translator here :slight_smile:

I’ve seen your post yesterday, I’ll sure follow your work.

Regarding the French code, you should not trust it: I’ve done a number of tests, but nearly everything broke some part or other in the translation, and I’m growing real good at causing CTDs.

So, I prefered to leave code aside for now, until there are translators enough for us to share our experiences and tricks and ask questions to the devs.
I did not want to bother them with that, as they were quite occupied with the Early Access, but I’m sure interested in sharing experience with you or anyone else to make things prettier in all of our respective languages.

So far, this is what I tried regarding code in the French loc:

  • creating a new grammar class (aside NOUN_GENDER or NOUN_COUNTABILITY) to have words beginning with a vowel or consonnant, but didn’t work (save displaying “Berry” as “CONSONANT”, which was not the intended result :face_with_hand_over_mouth:);
  • making different trait names (for instance “Handsome”/“Beautiful” in EN, or “Viejo”/“Vieja” in SP) for male/female citizens;
  • introducing grammar in the notifications (like in “A X has been built”, with “built” needing either a masculine or feminine form depending on the name).

All of that was pretty inconclusive though.

Regarding schedules, I’ll delve more deeply in all those features probably in Early 2021. I’m a bit busy right now with work, buying some last Christmas presents and slaloming between virus variants.

This being said, in case of any question or doubt, don’t hesitate to ping me. If I may avoid you any issue and save you time regarding peculiar points, this won’t be time lost :slightly_smiling_face:

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Solved !

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I made a change in all ArticleIndefinite function calls in French.

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I had missed the difference in Spanish when compared to English. And my test for the new builds notification shows it works!


See this final “e” for feminine? And this Indefinite Article? I managed to have them working just by imitating your corrections.
Yes, I know, that’s ridiculous. But, believe me or not, I’m actually laughing :blush:

It’s needed to change this in all pt.loc files:

StrAdd( sOut, StrCap( ArticleIndefinite( Word(vNoun,SINGULAR) ) ) );
StrAdd( sOut, StrCap( ArticleIndefinite( vNoun ) ) );