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How to create a language mod

In the Mod section of the main menu you can Create a Language Mod


And enter basic information about it.

This process will create a Mod directory in:
[User]\Documents\Uncasual Games\Ancient Cities\Mod[Language Name]

There you find a directory structure plenty of files *.loc, these are all the texts used by the game.
By example to translate the main menu, you can find it in:
Mod[Language name]\Ancient\Menu\Menu.??.loc.

The files are encoded in utf-16 and you need a supported editor like Notepad++ to make changes.

Show or hide landmarks.
Landmarks are not gameplay elements, but historical, interesting or famous locations around the world.
Informes & suggeriments

The lines with two dashes ‘##’ need to be translated, when you translate one item remove the first dash and this translation will be enabled if the language it’s selected in the game language options.

There are some translations that are scripted, this will be more complex to translate, we use the ‘C’ language for scripting and we make another post about them.

If you want an image associated to your Mod, displayed in game and in the Steam Workshop page, you need to put it in the mod’s root folder as a ‘Thumbnail.jpg’ file of 512x512 pixels 72dpi 24 bits Non-Progressive.

When you finish translating any number of files, you can enable the mod in the Mods menu, but you need to restart the game before to be able to select this new language that appears in the game language options.

When you think your translation work is done, you can Upload/Update the mod to the Steam Workshop using the green arrow in the mod selection.


Updating a Language Mod

To update your language mod you need to enter at any time in the mod settings, using the little tool icon in the up-right zone of the mod.
There you can update the info about the mod, and as a collateral bonus when you save the mod, you get your mod updated with all of the new strings added to the game from the last mod update.

Adding a font needed to support the Language Mod

If you need to supply a new font with especial Unicode sections to show your language,
read the How to create a Font Mod topic and follow the instructions !


i know this is unrelated but… i like the ui.

I am going to make my own personal mod using my hypothetical Neolithic language, from my books, for the game lol

I am REALLY happy that you had included mods. That’s what gives games a long life!


Mods to this game is what water is to this planet :earth_africa:

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As soon as I have the key, I am going to do a translation for German.


Thank you very much Martin

@Martin i started doing german already. Didn’t come very far yet but make sure you ping me once you have access. I’ll put it on github so we can work together.

Hi Helmi, that sounds good.

Thanks for the instructions! It seems easy. I will try to make a Basque mod if I have time.

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I would join if help is needed.

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Hi I had a closer look at the translation files the last days. Looks likes it is not that much to translate, but I don’t like the structure at all, hundreds of small files with 2 lines, sometimes it is hard to find a good German translation for me (chop and crop i.e.) different other small things like geographical incorrectness, missing context etc.
I think translation is done in the next days. For me it doesn’t make much sense to split translation here to different translators because you will probably lose consistency. (A uses ‘angeln’ for fishing, B uses ‘fischen’ despite ‘angeln’ would even be incorrect A uses ‘Beil’ B uses ‘Axt’ etc pp.) But for a good software it is essential to have high quality internationalization and consistency is a part of that.
So I would suggest that who wants to join the review is more then welcome, and I think this will be the hardest part :slight_smile:

How to I add a non-language mod, such as textures?

I made a “language” mod to cause the file structure to build. I added my textures, but they don’t work. If I just replace the actual files, that works.

There is a post about how to create an empty new mod.

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I’ve created a language mod but when i upload the mod on steam i received
mod upload failed error 1133640072

My mistake?

Hey @Prosaikzebra

I’m not sure what this error number could be, as I’m clearly not an expert in such things. But as I’ve had no issues posting on Steam my French translation, I guess something’s wrong that’ll look so tiny and ridiculous once found out that it’s worth beginning with obvious things.

  1. Have you downloaded the “Español” and “Français” mods in the Workshop, to check if there’s any difference with your own files (aside the obvious language differences)?
    For instance, I remember having fought a bit with the folders structure the first time, before finding out everything worked intended without having to touch anything.

  2. Have you tested your mod in game? Does it work as intended?

  3. Have you looked into the file …/Ancient Cities/Mod/[yourlanguage]/ if everything looked like in the “Español” and “Français” mods?
    I guess this part should be totally or partly missing though, for obvious reasons:

hi i have this


Can you point me to it, please?
I don’t see it and I have spent a while looking for it :confused:


Hmm, I thought the devs wanted to post, so waited a bit.

What I find strange is you already have a SteamModId, which probably should not be the case if you didn’t managed to post your mod.
Have you already done a first test with an empty mod for instance?

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Hey @Elfryc

when i go on the workshop i don’t see any mod