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First Mod!

Well, it’s my first mod but it looks okay.
I upgraded the body paints to be more Linear Pottery Culture-ish.

I could not find the mod folder, so I just replaced the actual asset.
Is there supposed to be a mod folder under \users\me\MyDocuments\UncasualGames\AncientCities\Mods or someplace like that?

I wish I could zoom in better, but this is as good as I can get it lol


To create mods, the best you may do (I think) is creating a fake language mod and check in
User/Documents/Uncasual Games/Ancient how it’s made.

Just putting your file there should be enough I think.
At least, that’s the feeling I had when looking into the files of the mods posted in the Steam Workshop by the team.

And those paints are really good :slightly_smiling_face:
(although anachronistic. But I know you thought that all the time you worked on them, so no need to repeat it :wink:)


Well, LBK is not Mesolithic, but meh…

I need to get better with 3D modeling, too. I’ve done a lot of work with VRML and VR gear, but that was for a different sort of project. I want to make clothing for the game.

Right now, I am trying to figure out how to change clothing using the art files.

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Well… Clothing changes failed and now everyone is nude lol
Good thing I saved the original files.


Those 3D things are totally frightening in my view :smirk:
And the first thing I’ll need to “mod” is the code for the French translation. I always end up having code in my interfaces instead of decent articles or adjective flexions…
But we’ll see later for explanations, when the devs are less busy.

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Good luck. I have zero French experience. I’ve been to France twice and my 1st novel has an entire Neolithic village (several chapters) which occur there, but that’s about it lol

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Yes, you need to replicate the directory structure of your Mod modifications from original Steam C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Ancient Cities\Ancient\Data\Ancient in User\Documents\Uncasual Games\Ancient Cities\Mod\[Mod Name]\Ancient
Soon we make a post explaining more about Mod’s creation.


So, I could use a powershell to do that pretty quickly.
Just swap out the directory names to be exactly as they are on the system.
Sorry it’s not all 1 line (like scripters do). I’m a system programmer, so it’s always big lol

[String]$GameDir = “c:\game”
[String]$ModDIr = “c:\mod”

try {
[System.Array]$folders = gci -path $GameDir -Recurse -Directory

foreach ($folder in $folders) {

    copy-item -Path $folder.FullName -Destination $folder.FullName.Replace($GameDir,$ModDIr) -Force

} catch {
Write-Host $Error[0]

Is there any way we can get your mod yet?

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Working on setting it up as AC folk showed, then I can find out from them if I can.

I am working on a new sound mod for the speaking and a few tattoo/body paint mods.

Ha! Jokes on me.

My gaming system is win7 and it has like v1 or 2 Powershell (which are even more garbage than current build powershell, somehow).

I only have an x86 assembler on that system and I am not writing that in assembly, so I’ll just do it manually lol

FYI you can format code in the forums

Just mark your whole code block and hit the </> Icon in the editor.

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Nifty! ty!

Are you running the game on Windows 7?

Yeppers. On my gaming system.

Everything else is 10.

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We never tested it on windows 7 :joy: Long life for Bill Gates! :joy:


Okay, my 1st mod won’t work with the modding system. If I replace the asset files in the game, it works.

So, here are the game assets. You can see my files but none are being used. The game pulls a list with an *.png filter.

Here is my mod folder:

I copied the entire file structure but ONLY my own files (and so far 2 of yours I am going to change, later).

As you can see, the mod is called BetterBodyPaints.
It throws no errors I see, but it also doesn’t seem to work.

It also won’t show up in the mod list.

Yeah, I know.

I am a dev for windows systems/software, so I felt okay going forward as I have a pretty good idea how it’s running under the hood. 7 and 10 have a pretty similar software interface for .net stuff, so it should be fine.

Also, it works fine on windows 7, so far.

Our game do not use .NET for anything. Direct windows api calls only. Anyway is great it works fine.

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Oh, interesting approach. Now I see why you were skeptical of Windows 7 if you are doing it directly lol