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First closed version for backers release date

We want to announce that backers with “beta access” reward will start to receive invitations to play the current work in progress version beginning July 16 2020.

More info about this version here

Steam key delivery will take place in several waves, starting by backers with higher pledges.

Backers will be notified by email and asked to login on where they will get their steam key after accepting an EULA that includes a Non Disclosure Agreement.

Disclosure of any information, video or image from this closed version without explicit permission is not allowed at this time. Any violation of these terms will result in a permanent Steam key banning.

We will remove this restriction when the game becomes stable and major flaws that can be detected are solved.

More info when closer to the release date.

Thanks for your support!


Nice !

ya ya ya

Will we be allowed to share and discuss our Beta experience on this Forum or will that also fall under the NDA?


That’s awesome ! Thanks so much for your work guys !

Could you say the key delivery will take a few days or a few weeks and how long would the beta access be ?

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@UncasualGames + @Gal2
At First i would like to Thank you for developing the best Strategie survival Base building Game ever!!! I Hope you will be able to implement all the features mentioned in your Vision. One question left Form My Side:

Does that mean that the backers with Lord status will receive the access later than the 16th of July? If yes can you tell us how much longer will we have to wait roughly (dass/weeks / Months?). BR Jojorus


Seems like it’s time for some beta-testing!

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We will try to perform this process as fast as possible, depends whether there are many issues or everything goes smooth. Probably only a few days to deliver every steam key.


Release date of public version is to be determined.


Great news, well done, looking forward to it!:slight_smile:

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I try to find Ancient Cities on steam, cannot find. Normal?

I was under Steam Greenlight

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I wasn’t asking for the public release but rather how long will the beta access last, 1 month, 2 or even 6 ?

No longer available, if you type Ancient Cities on steam it cannot be find. I guess dev still don’t have asked Steam to put their game on the list.

No one know, but the work in progress phase is for testing so It will take the time needed. I think they can’t give you date because they don’t know.

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The game is already on steam but store page is currently disabled


In the thread First closed release for backers under the What’s Next section UncasualGames said “We plan to release periodic updates with new features and bug fixes that will be directly available for you on Steam until the game is released to the public. After that you will have access to the release version and to a beta branch with the latest features.”

This would imply that the beta key once received will unlock access to the game on steam and allow us backers to download it. Once installed we have full access and any bug fixes and updates are automatically added by steam via their update system. This will continue until the public release update is released. Which we will also have access to. So basically the beta testing access should be lasting until the game is ready for full launch.


If the beta is open until final release and if it receives updates it’s going to be terrific !
I can’t wait !


Wonderful news! I’m only a Lord so I hope it doesn’t take too long to get to us. I’ve only got 960 GTX, so what effect will that have?

Expect low graphics and low framrates I think.
Gtx 1660 are not so expensive and it’s a great upgrade if you have 120€ !