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Why AC is not dead

This is hilarious. The developers post a flurry of updates, and go silent for a month to focus on engine building. Then someone jumps onto the forum to declare doom and gloom. Every. Single. Time.


Thank you for that grammar lesson, and yes I do read their posts when I can find them. :slight_smile:

In any business communication is important and people become concerned if left in the dark. If AC just Twitted that they working on the engine that would be fine, but to go dark is not the answer. Do I like to doing these posts, no, but it does serve it purpose of getting a response from them as to what is happening, even though it is the same standard line every time. If you looked at Banished development, my favourite example, I had no risk in the game but was emotionally invested in it, I wanted it to exceed. The same I can say for AC. The single developer for Banished manage to not only make the game but managed to put out in depth reports of what the problems he was having and how things going. I guess in the end I was spoiled and want AC to measure up to that standard because I believe in AC and worried that it will fail as most single developer do.


I appreciate the latest thoughtful, measured post, @badbear.

To explain my first reaction: I consider it completely uncalled for to title the thread “AC is dead”, and then write “AC must be dead”. You know better. It’s one thing to be worried, and understandable, too - but there is no need for provocative titles you know are not true.


I stand corrected, thank you.


We can all agree that more news will be welcome.
As an example when they posts the two topics about the delay and the world map the backers were enthusiasts

However, after a quick review of how they posts news it seen that they like to be quiet for a long time and then posts a long and detail post (before the world map post some peoples were complaining about the lack of news). @badbear your comparison with Banished is relevant (I also use it as a reference) but they do not work the same way : the Banished guy use his blog nearly as a personal notebook (with his own thoughts and setbacks) when AC use it as something official (everything announce here regarding the basic game will be definitive). According to me this difference between the two explain why the frequency of posts is different.

Your topic title was a bit provocative but I guess it was voluntary in order to catch the dev attention (we will see if it succeeded)

As for me, I am not too worried for now as they ask for translator in April and still answer to question here and on twitter. One reason for their silence is that nobody asks a concrete question on this forum lately.


You are right on both accounts. To answer this, " One reason for their silence is that nobody asks a concrete question on this forum lately." I have to say this is profound and I wonder if the drive behind that is the developers silence? Something to think about.


In my opinion, our developers underestimated the scope and effort. The schedule was unstoppable. Now you have 2 options: 1. Deliver the most necessary for a running game. Disadvantage, backer disappointed, developers dissatisfied, reviews bad. End for future projects.
2. Work as long as it takes. Do not worry the fan community with setbacks. Deliver a surprise and sacrifice the schedule.
I’m going to tap 2.
Banished - o.k. - only in English (!) That’s how it starts.
Mount & Blade Bannerlord - meanwhile a 60 (?) - man / woman * studio, also announced in english only - since 7 years …Patience please, besides, who wants to play in the summer a construction Sim? :sunglasses::beer: And if only for testing purposes. :wink:
And by the way, we are sponsors, not “investors”. Or do we have e.g. a “supplementary obligation” …? Or can we lend our “investment”? So, please classify properly. :smile::wink:


@Gal2 being around for a long time doesn’t mean that you pay attention, although I do understand it comes across as quite brash. As I said, the idea that posting a one-liner to twitter is somehow going to impact the development of the game makes no sense. All it points out to me is a lack of patience.

@badbear, people have kindly posted screenshots of them tweeting the devs and getting responses… I just don’t understand where you get this ‘left in the dark’ attitude from?

You have a point there, but I do not Tweet and do not have an account so that option is not available to me. Tweeting a one line would at least say that they are still working on the game and are still alive. Sometimes you need to stir the pot to get a reaction.

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If you’re curious you can just put “twitter ancient cities” in google, you don’t need a twitter account to browse it :slight_smile:

We are not dead.
Just spending less time in social as we have been a bit surpassed by work lately.
An update is coming soon.


We are not client but we are dreamers and helpers ! Man, I know you are a bit frustrated as many of us (understand all ;)), but I think most of backers known from the beggining of their investement that we are not expecting “business” game and we know this game is not foresee to be as the standard ones.
Actually I am pretty sure that most of backers did believe in that project because of that. This was a fact and something I often enjoyed to see into this community, that folks and forum writter are positively invested and with benevolent attitude for the project.

We all want news and information and possibly helping the devs while sharing ideas, playing BETA or whatever else, but we all are adults and know how to deal with our emotions as well ! :wink:

Please don’t go in that negative attitude trying to hurt devs by saying them they are thiefs/cheaters and the project is death bla bla bla… Or at least you can find your heaven their : Looks like this game has stalled

I propose you to play Banished in the meanwhile :kissing_heart:

Keep the smile and stay confident you will play this game soon and you will probably play it more than

But be sure we all want news and updates, I would just notice that I prefer not having tweet news than having each weeks a post saying “we are working on it” :expressionless:



Do you see @badbear ? (humour) :relaxed:

I agree, but my emotions are screwed. :slight_smile:

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Or click on their link, but that only shows when they have last updated and nothing new. :disappointed_relieved:

They are alive. :grinning:

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See dude, they are working hard.
Every time they see a thread like this it takes more time away from development because they have to read and respond. If you throw in all other social platforms reading and responding to every last request would halt production significantly.

Everything on twitter is there for you to see. You just have to look for it…yourself.

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A concrete news from the team :
Your topic has some effects :wink:

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The devs are responding on Kickstarter which is good, but now its 11 months since last update.
Last time I had to ask for updates on their primary funders forum it took a while for that to happen, and there was much reluctance.
The time is now to do another cumulative update. We have been patient enough

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