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User Terrain unlocked on Indiegogo

I hope so too :stuck_out_tongue:
I was talking about the base game lol.

You are right, base game will NOT feature Ziggurats XD

even though I knew this before hand… It still hurts to hear it come from your mouth :’( lol, jk. Keep up the good work on the European Neolithic guys!

Coming late here, sorry for that.

On the Mesopotamian sites suggestion, I’d really love that. The lone issue is that this would need two things: the possibility for irrigation, and the tells, which are those “hills” created by the former buildings’ bricks left in place and just being leveled off when a new building was build, so that after millenia it raised over the (often) dry plain, protecting both against river floods and enemies.
Added to the fact the biomes are real different from Atlantic Europe, my guess is that such a context would need to wait for a real Mesopotamia DLC.

Aside of that, I think such sites as fords and islands on a river would be interesting, if such things as fords exist in game. After all, that’s the original location for most current cities – just think about Oxford, Paris, etc. :slight_smile:

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agreed… I still want it though lol.

Custom height maps and any further developments into map creation is going to cause some amazing custom maps from the community, if games like Cities Skylines are anything to go by!

Some appropriate maps would be any of the following:

  • Mesopotamia (The Fertile Crescent in General)
  • Indus River Valley
  • Ganges Delta
  • Nile Delta
  • Danube River (?)
  • Yellow River (?)

Heh, so many mentions of non-European sites like there was barely anything interesting in Europe itself ;-p
I’d definitely like to see Lepenski Vir and the surrounding area of Iron Gates, some rondels/henges would be nice too (Těšetice-Kyjovice, Kolín, early Avebury etc.), other than those, how about Cucuteni, Trypillia, Herxheim, the bogs of Holmegaard?

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In a couple of months I’ll get some detailed height and hydrology maps of the Indus valley civilization. Looking forward to using it in the game.

Source of data is here:

Maybe surroundings of the Mostar? It’s a city in mountine region in Bosnia. I’ve been there once, beautiful views.

Atapuerca Mountains in Spain which has a nice ancient history.

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Agree. If I am correct, is one of the places where they are finding the oldest bones of humanity, so it would be a cool place to start :blush:

Today’s region of Franche-Comté in France would be nice. In particular the Jura. The topography has a lot of elevation, vast forests on hills and even some mountainous region.

Still in France, the Morvan has similar characteristics, although it is not as elevated.
Both were very dynamic regions during the Neolithic and Bronze Age.

If you doing all of Europe I would love to see the locks and mountains of Scotland or even the alps with glacial flows between some of the peaks leading down to lush hardwood forests and rolling hills an rivers

Lets ground a bit here. Currently the game generate terrain procedurally and this “import height map” is not a way to model all the world. It is a way to allow a first modding tool for terrains and a way, in the future, to build some real locations of famous ancient cities.

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Machu Picchu did have irrigation on the hills so AC could have hills and the creation of irrigation would be the challenge of the game player. Very cool that. As for Rome, there was an ancient civilization there before Rome came to power and eradicated them, at least that is my understanding.

England would be a good place. Is there not some finds recently in Africa?

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I would really live to see ancient Greece. Maybe visit Athens, or possibly one of the islands. Anything Mediterranean would be nice.
The beauty of that area is unbelievable, and seeing it untouched would be mind blowing. I know during the Neolithic era it wasn’t considered Greece. It wasn’t even a country. I want to see what it was before these times. Please throw it in. :slight_smile:

Further, I hope to see areas simmilar to Ireland.
Windy, cloudy, and of course a lot of rain. The beauty isn’t all I’m craving from this type of environment. However, the seasonal impact on a farmer, or tribesmen would be interesting.

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[quote=“UncasualGames, post:34, topic:1166, full:true”]
… this “import height map” is not a way to model all the world.[/quote]

In fact nobody dares to say you the truth, which is quite simple: we don’t care about a special backers DLC with a free monument.
We just want our homes in game.
Good news: there are only 5,000 backers :sunglasses:

More seriously though: 2 points/ideas/questions:

  1. I think such a place like the Gulf of Morbihan, in Brittany, would be fairly interesting – not only for the Prehistoric remains (Er Grah longest menhir, Gavrinis cairn, Carnac menhirs alignments, etc.) but also for the peculiar geography of the area. But would/should a rectangular map be possible for a predefined map?
  2. One stupid question: if you begin a game on a real-world map whilst being still a nomad, you’ll have to quit this map to migrate elsewhere until you have enough techs to settle. Hopefully an option will allow to begin on a real-world map with those techs discovered, just to make the work related to any real-world map not totally lost?
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Sorry you loss me, I do not understand. :confused:

First part was a joke, no worry.
The 2nd is more serious though, as I wondered how to make an interesting use of those real-world maps if we have to migrate after a few years in game spent on real-world map.

Modding when available :wink:

That option will be there very likely.