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User Terrain unlocked on Indiegogo

We will add support for importing external height maps as map terrains. This is the first step for recreation of real archaeological locations. While this do not allow to fully recreate a place on its own, it is also a first step in the modding direction.

Eventually, and just for fun, what real location would you like to see in the game?


The Rhine River where it meets Mannheim Germany.
The Western Central Bank of the Bosphorus.
Nice France.
Abraham’s Oasis.


Rome and Athans would be cool, even though it’s more for the bronze age dlc. Also, places like Lake Texcoco and Machu Picchu have very interesting typographies that would be fun and challenging. But, if there is one city I’d want to replicate, then it would either be Uruk or Kish, even though they were in relatively simple geographic areas.


Rome isn’t a Bronze Age site, the earliest settlements there date to about 800 BC, well into the Italian Iron Age.
Athens at least has a Mycenaean settlement and possibly even continuity of habitation.
edit Also be careful, topography is the shape of the ground. A typography is a comparative study of a piece of material culture. I’m fairly certain you just made a typo, but on the off change you didn’t know that I hope it helps.

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I’d like to see the Tripolye Megacitites if we have anything in eastern Europe.
Of course the Megalithic landscape of Salisbury plain would be awesome.
Scarae Brae, the Ring of Brodgar and the rest of the Neolithic landscape in the Orkneys :slight_smile:

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Doggerland would be neat, but I believe it would be a Mesolithic setting, before this game’s epoch. lol


Hashtag Palaeolithic expansion goals. XD


Maybe some extreme weather like Siberia and Africa?


It would be cool to have the Siwa Oasis in Egypt or the Ethiopian Highlands with bands of baboons trying to steal the crops.

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Sigh, Yes I know that @Derwine. I said: [quote=“Sargon, post:3, topic:1166”]
Rome and Athans would be cool, even though it’s more for the bronze age DLC

Because I used “It’s” instead of “they’re” I am only referring to the last subject in the sentence (Athans). Which, as you said has Mycenaean remains. Besides, all I was trying to say was that it would be cool to play on a map that looked like Rome or Athans, no need for the correction and no need for you to be so pedantic and nitpicky.
Also, I can’t help that my autocorrect didn’t understand that I meant topography not typography (although I do remember misspelling it originally, so I guess that’s my fault there).

Just so you know, I can be pedantic too: Jericho was first settled in 10,000 BCE by the Natufian Hunter-Gatherer culture during the Epipaleolithic… too early for the chronology of the base game… But, I assumed you knew that, and you said Jericho anyways because you like the idea of making a settlement there regardless of the fact that it was founded earlier than the neolithic.

Jericho is also out of the geographic range for the base game. I also didn’t say Jericho did I? :wink:

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you did, not Dernwine. Sorry, I often confuse you two because your icons are so similar

I apologize. like I said, I confused you for lotus.

Hi All,

I found here a nice page on neolithic sites everywhere in Europe.

So you asked where, I wouds suggest to have a look at my country, Luxembourg. :slight_smile:

Well you find more relics in Luxembourg from celtic times, or, being close to Trier, many roman relics.


No particular sites, but I would love some tundra terrain like Russia or maybe some highlands like Scandinavia & Scotland. And maybe bogs.

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What about Babylon? and of course the surrounding area’s.

or a jungle surrounding not sure where though but a jungle just sounds cool to build an city in.

If you refer to the above posts, you will notice how pedantic people can be when you mention a site that is not consistent with the time period of this game… I don’t really care, as I think it would be neat to build Akkad (never discovered), but some of us here will bite at you for making such a suggestion. Anyway, I think it would be sweet to try and build ziggurats with the terrain editor as I doubt the devs will put a ziggurat into the game.

So far the game has been showing many lovely pastoral scenes. I’m very interested in seeing how highlands and mountains are rendered. I don’t know whether early Neolithic sites have been discovered at high altitudes.


@Sargon @Dernwine We really hope you both end being the best friends :wink: [quote=“Sargon, post:17, topic:1166”]
I think it would be sweet to try and build ziggurats with the terrain editor as I doubt the devs will put a ziggurat into the game.

Bronze age Mesopotamia, if we reach there someday, will of course feature ziggurats.

At this moment we are working with only on land configuration and the generic bioma you see.
Once the gameplay settles down, we will start to add more content, including landscape types.