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A tiny update just to let you know this:
It has not been easy, it has not been cheap, but “Ancient Cities” is now an international registered trademark!


Congratulations on this milestone!


You shouldn’t have done that… Having to write Ancient Cities™ each time is much more bothersome :unamused:

International, even; congrats! Now you have to hire a legal department :wink:

EDIT: briefly looked this stuff up, it’s not only ™ but ® also! :partying_face:


Now, that’s good time to buy popcorn and behold how some people will use this great piece of news to demonstrate the game has stalled and you don’t really intend to release the game :sunglasses:


Congratulations job will done.

Please note from Years of experience this is a defensive legal device only even in the gaming world for example I would assume at some point “Ancient Cities” has been used in reference to AOE and the last thing in the world you want to do is tangle with MS.


More than defensive we have registered it to avoid patent trolls registering the name and then asking us money for it. Been there.
Also we will use this only if someone tries to sell another product in direct competence under the same name. But fair use is fair use of course.


Not sure but think that is the definition of defense :thinking:

You have a good handle and the how to use a Trade mark and I am glad you do not have the “troll” mentality.

Keep up the good work.

For any who think it was a waist of time or money just One defense would use up 5 times the time and money and more importantly destroys moral.



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Think, the setting, implementation and especially the engine will be the center of the desire of imitators. Maybe you should protect the engine separately (at least TM or something)

You may be correct but in a small shop TM, patten and Copyright are defensive tools not Offensive tools the cost to sue someone is astronomical in both time and money not to mention seldom winnable.

Defining things like the Engine, Setting and Implementation in a way that distinguishes it from others is also almost impossible so as much as you would like to this also makes anything other then TM the name unlikely.

Still the TM is significant again good job!

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Congrats on the accomplishment!

Maybe it deters. You’re probably right, of course.

and now even more fun ahead


Congrats … does China count in this? If not I shall claim the chinese name 古城 XD


Well you know what they say, the best defense is a good offense :upside_down_face:

Congratulation and greetings from Munich, Germany.