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Sooo slow

Is it just me or is the game super slow i have 4 huts 3 drying racks 2 haystacks baskets everywhere pits storage for every thing and i just have nothing to do now, everyone is just set to gather food and i have the game maxed out on speed, will there be a faster speed option some time ? only issue i am having is getting them to build the monolith, they just dont want to do it been a year and its only at 42%.

i just have the game muted and running full speed in the background waiting, am i missing something ?

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Survive as long as you can. Try and increase the tribe size.

If you get bored in that area then migrate and start in a new place. The world the devs have built is beautiful so explore.

Challenge yourself trying to live in different areas where resources change.


Is there any way of speeding things up though ? increasing pregnancy rates, causing issues like war, maybe unlocking some new buildings ? im currently approaching winter with 350 dry fish and 300 in most other resource other than stone that i have 1000+, and i dont want to leave as my monolith is now at 70%

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