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Not enough Rope

I am having problems because I am not sure where need to get all needed to make it, help please!


You only need plant fiber to make ropes…

I know but seems they don’t found to make ropes, don’t know what to do, have the “¡” in the production because I don’t have plant fiber.

Maybe you exhaust the plant fiber in your zone, are near a river ? There are plenty of plant fiber…
You can try to migrate to another place…

I am on the coast, have any picture of the plant fiber?, I don’t have idea how looks, thanks in advance!

Plant fiber it’s a sub-product of many vegetables like Neetle or Thypa

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Don’t have that ones… migrate!! WTF!

So you must be on a river, yes or yes, no?

We put neetle all over the map to be able to get fiber in any place…

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Nettles or river plants do it.

If the production task is slow select the Chop tool and lasso some nettles (hard to find but you’ll know when you see them) or some river weeds. They should be half the size of massive reeds

The problem is without a visual reference how it has been represented the graphic of the neetle it is very difficult to find it on the map, I just emigrated to another area with a river and I still cannot identify it. Can help posting a sample, pease?

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You was right, I think I found it

Did you happen to find nettles? I’m kind of using the chop tool anywhere hoping I get lucky and find some

Yes, finally found it, but is like Artaxerxes said. The graphic is well done, you would recognize.

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But after many hours, get fiber It’s too difficult for its use in my opinion, making more than 2 huts is already very complicated

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I have the same problem than Nicolas… Like where can I find it for the ropes!!

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I will also say that I’m finding it practically impossible to get plant fibers as well. My first tribe i was able to get about six and my second tribe I have found two, and Im in an extremely lush area so I find it very weird/hard to believe that plant fibers are practically everywhere as stated. My tribe has no issue gathering other materials but it’s hard to make them happy when half the buildings require rope

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Same here, just settled somewhere and no plant fiber to be found. Well, they found enough to make 2 ropes.

But that’s it, they refuse to either find it or harvest it.

The easiest way I found to get plant fibers is making a storage area, selecting plantfiber to be stored there and then clicking the “cog icon” that says: “Production”

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The fibre isn’t at every location you settle. You may need to migrate somewhere else.

Living by rivers in land seems to have fibre.