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New usage for old/obsolete building

Hello everyboby!

I am very excited about this game and I happy to bring my small contribution to this project.

Last May I visited the island of Malta and it gigantic Neolithic temples (oldest complex stone structure in world I think).
Something interesting about these temples is that after the colapse of their builder civilization, the next people use them for other purpose : burial ground or storage for exemple.

I think it could be a good idea to implement this feature into the game, for exemple an old quarry which run out of stone could be turn into a burial ground, same thing with old temples when the religion of the tribe change.

I would like to have your opinion about this idea and if it this easy to add in the game (I thought a update button on existing building could do the trick).


“Göbekli Tepe” archaeological site beats malta structures for a few thousand years if I’m not wrong. Megalithic Temples of Malta are more than impressive anyway ( still need to visit them ).

This is more than an interesting idea. Not only for big structures, but even smaller ones could fit well in this and it is just realistic. Moved to our analysis list :wink:


After a quick check the “Göbekli Tepe” archaeological site is indeed a lot older (my bad).

Glad you like the idea :blush:

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If nothing more, a discarded building can always become a midden.