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My opinion - Gender Roles - Female Warriors/Defenders

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I agree. The mechanics of the game must be exactly that of the debate of this topic that they are debating. WOMEN can participate in all activities. Really rented activities they are in higher number in others in smaller. THE REPRODUCTIVE VALUE OF THE WOMAN IS INCALCULTABLE TO THE SOCIETY. They may observe that women in the past or present in general were spared from dangerous activities; hunting, war for example. But women were given freedoms to agriculture, religion, manufacture like weaving, etc. This is in safer territory. But yes women should have the freedom to play in any functions but their avatars have a lower physical power, but have more manual and other skills. It’s not about prejudice, it’s about simulating reality. Of course societies should be represented as they were; Roman society, Greek women had less power, WAR was out of place. But Celts, Bretons, it seems to me more liberal for women to go to the battlefield. These details are important. It will allow the female player to decide whether her avatar will be from a more patriarchal or matriarchal or egalitarian society. And understand egalitarian means having women participate in lower rates as archeology seems to confirm, although 30% as I have just read, is a very expressive number in military terms. Much bigger than today.
I think you got the definition right. Being necessary statistics and defining which group of societies women have been more active in military matters and replicate these rates for systems of random generation. In the future multiplayer, the thing would be different, each player or player chooses the career that wants. Although I think it is important to keep women in the most prohibitive positions in battles, for they did exist, right. But the girl will then be able to choose other, more militaristic societies. It would make the game perfect and realistic.

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