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Mods : What game elements do you want to add or modify in your mods?

We want to make an ordered list of mod guides to publish based on what you want and what we can at the moment. Please help us.

  • Resource Generation or Spawning and resource values such as calories or seasons

  • Cultures

  • Building Effects - e.g. materials, decay rate, tech to build them

  • Body art and clothing art - how to ensure that the basic .png files match up to the meshes, how to change existing tattoos


I agree with @Artaxerxes, but I would also add:

-Clothing mesh/UV mapping/bone rigging, etc

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On the global map, be able to see the harvestable resources there. For example, see that in such and such a place, we can harvest reeds, or that in such and such a place, we find bones. I think that would influence our choice for migrations, especially for the place, but also for the season.

sorry i’m french, i used google translate xD


I think UI-Mod’s could also be really helpful.


Not sure this is best in the mod section?


I would second being able to mod the UI, but I don’t have really have any programming or modding experience. I have sum experience using Bash on Linux… I would attempt to learn how to mod the game, but I have zero experience with OpenGL… I guess all I can do for now is lobby for it :sweat_smile:

2D interface can we modded only by changing .art files. Anyway is complex and need a good explanation.

I also saw some font files but was not sure about the format. Like to change that too as a part of UI

I’d like to see a guide on implementing maps. Lately, I’ve been thinking that I’d like a much more localised map, smaller in scope but more detailed (not just rivers, but streams, etc.) is what I’d like to be able to implement. On Steam, there’s already a mod about the Po river valley: substantially, a guide on how to produce something like that would be really handy for me right now.

EDIT: ah, just saw your post about " How to create a HeightMap Mod". Brilliant, will try that: thank you!

I d like to have a real hardcore survival mod with these elements:

  • a real weather system with thunderstorms and heavy rains, and why not snow, that would not allow the tribe to gather food, fish or build as easily as when the weather is good.

  • less information on how much food the tribe has in real time, but I would like to have the amount only when tribe members drop food in the storage areas.

  • I d like to have a more simple UI, more rustic like on trailer screenshots.

  • I would like to see a greater diversity of flora and terrain.

  • I d like to ear a greater diversity of nature sounds instead of this repetitive music.

  • I d like to ear my tribe members speaking between us but without this english accent.

Thx @UncasualGames, and keep your great work :wink:

You can mute music in sound menu

Spanish accent maybe :slight_smile:

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Maybe, I ll pay more attention next time to hear if this is a catalan, castillan or an andalusian accent :wink:

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Hello !
I would like to stop the camera rotation when the player is inactive



This thread tells it all. How about a guide on changing the color of plants, trees, etc? In my case, I need to do something to create more contrast.

Also, maybe a guide on adding sounds to the game when certain events happen. Having a probability of a sound happening if a person’s stats are within a certain range.

This would probably be a little easier of a goal with learning to mod, rather than trying to modify the UI.

Edit: I took a look at the guide on making plants and it looks like it would require making a new version of every living plant to change the color slightly.

I wonder if there is an easier way to mess with a contrast configuration or something to make the game look less flat in color?

I love it :slight_smile: