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The Gaming Ground interviewed us:

Hugothester has made us an audio interview in Spanish.
Check it out here:

HistoriaGames has made us an interview. You can read it in French and English here:

Indie game website has made us another interview:


Totally shared!

I really love the answers about technology progression (“For instance, you will not decide what to research. You can’t decide to research the wheel when you do not know nothing about wheels.”), and that almost everything visible in the game will be practically usable, as a whole and in its parts (“All entities in the game,from building to vegetals, have internal components that decay and that that can be extracted from them. So if you hunt a find a Mammuth or you find a dead one you can extract what it is remain as a resource: bones, flesh, skin…”). It’s beautiful!


Amazing interview. Simple, but great answers. I really love the idea of this not only being a game, but also an educational tool.
Gaining knowledge in a fun way is a very exciting aspect of gaming. However, it’s not trully saught after.

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Hmm… I wonder who that could be @lotus253 @louis.mervoyer


I sure offered some ideas and pictures, but I’m not a specialist. My actual field of expertise is computer science (which they already have covered lol). I’m just a novelist lol

Very good interview. the fog goes away. :wink:
Exciting I imagine the quality of the sandbox. A detail of what most games neglect. In the approach, the editor of Stronghold 1 was not bad. Unfortunately, you could not change anything in the game, just build and play on the surface. Ah, subsequent water trenches were possible and suggested tunnel builders/mineure.

Like @Grigor, I liked a lot the number of resources you may get from a “simple” mammoth. This shows one game may be far more complex to play with than Banished without mod.

Also, for those that missed it, there was this very interesting interview with Ars Gaming.
For English-speaking people, that’s fairly easy to understand it thanks to GoogleTrad.
For French speaking people, I made a translation here.

I am honor that you consider me as a specialist but it is not the case. I have a degree in science and I am currently working on satellite payload. Otherwise I am just a History nerd :smile:

My native region have several prehistoric sites (like and history sites (likeé_de_Carcassonne). I did some archeology summer camps when I was a teenager (if there is French speaking people who are looking for archeology summer camps for their children :

Concerning actual archeologists on this forum there is some : @Dernwine, @joeroe, @Starcloak,… in fact there is a topic with all of them;

It’s great to hear from you and to see how much love you put in your game!!! I really can’t wait to play it myself

Original post updated with a new interview!

Unfortunately too little Spanish skills … (by the way, Catalan Spanish is a dialect? Sounds different for my ears than in Andalusia)
Hope for a translation …?

Catalan is a language but we are talking in Spanish.
In Andalusia Spanish is spoken but they have a very special accent not common in the rest of the country. Usually the idea of Spain that exist outside here is mostly from Andalusia, but the rest of the country is not very much like that.


There are no strictly linguistic criteria that would delineate what is a language and what a dialect. It’s a matter of convention and society; as the old saying goes (popularised by Max Weinreich): a language is a dialect with and army and a navy :slight_smile:

I will give the interview a go and push my Spanish skills to the limit :wink:


magnifique , je trouve que vous allez sur un jeu unique dans son genre , j espert que ce jeu ira sur la longueur, ( DLC) . la progression sera assez lent pour apprecier le travail que vous avez effectues .tres peu on fait du neolithique ,je pense que vous allez faire des DLC ,pour l age de bronze ou l age de fer , j ai hate d avoir la beta , cet interview est pleine d espoir ,dans ce sens. desole pour le Français , mais je suis nul en anglais.

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I was about to great a new topic about the latest, Spanish interview, but the intelligent site stopped me :wink:

For those who do not speak Spanish, I’ve listened through the interview, and translated a few parts. Not much new information though, mostly stuff we on the forum already know of. Be advised that I’m not fluent in Spanish, though I did notice the difference in dialects between the developers and the interviewer… If anyone spots some errors I’ve made, or wants to add something, please tell me and I’ll fix it :slight_smile:

(and Catalan is a hundred percent a independent language, just like Danish is independent from Swedish, or Czech from Polish. It has it’s own regulating body, a long history as an independent language, and a vibrant community of millions of Catalans, with lots of newspapers, literature and so on. It is however very similar to French and Spanish, kind of a mix in a sense, a part of the dialectal continuum of which Occitan, Asturian, Galician, Portuguese, Italian and many other languages are a part. So I agree with @Marko, there is definitely a degree of fluidity. It is however also a sensitive issue in these times, when there is separatist movement in the Catalan region of Spain. They might be independent in a few years. Better not to dwell on this issue…)

  • The developers said they’re not from Barcelona, but they live there (00:45). I had gotten used to the thought they were Catalan :stuck_out_tongue:

  • At the time of the interview, there were “three days left” (04:38) on the Kickstarter, which suggests it was made on September 1?

  • When asked if there was a final date for when the game could be released, “2019, 2020?”, the developers laughed and said “yeah, in 2020 they’ll kill us all!” (08.40). They repeated that they were aiming for “late 2018”. They also stressed that unforeseen problems can always appear.

  • On the strategy and combat part of the game, they said (10:00) that they stood before a similar situation as with “the Total War games, where there is a map of the battlefield, and the strategic map, here we have something similar, with the city map, that we are showing right now, and later we will have, we still have to develop it, a strategic map, where you would have contacts with other factions, and there would be battles, or if a army come to your city, well, there wouldn’t be armies in the Neolithic, but small tribes that come to do no good probably, and you would have small battles mostly in your own city”.
    “This is more a city-builder than a combat strategy game, people have to have this clear, there is a component that contextualizes your city with the surroundings, on a diplomatic, religious, military level, but the focus of the game is city building.” (12:45)

  • On the question of specialisation into specific military units, the developers answered that: “In the Neolithic, there weren’t really definite roles, we’re trying to make more a transition to specialisation” (10:50). “There won’t be soldier unit per se, but just the farmer himself, and if he needs to fight, he’ll just grab a weapon…” (11:05).

  • On multi-player: "At the onset, we’re planning it as single-player”, “a lot of people are asking us about this, saying that games like Europa Universalis is more this style, it doesn’t move in turns, everyone moves at the same time,but it’s really that the experience we want to give is more single-player, than competitive or cooperative, which doesn’t mean that there might be in the future […] but “in the beginning only single-player” (11:40).

  • On the game as a whole: "We’re trying to avoid the problem with all city-builders, that at the end, it’s becomes about just making your city bigger and bigger and bigger, and we’re not interested in that sort of levels above all, so that the point of the game won’t just be to make the city bigger, but that it’ll have more” (14:30).


Juan is from Asturias, Eugenio from Valencia and Xavi from Barcelona, but we are all living in Barcelona right now.

Three days left on the Indiegogo actually. It is a recent interview. But the interviewer thought we were still on KS.
We corrected him on this regard.

Spot on in the rest.
Thanks for the time to translate it!



P.s. : Y’a un forum Français tu sais?

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New interview, this time from our friends at The Gaming Ground:


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