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Archaeologists and Historians Sub-Forum

Hi. Just wondering how we can enter/sign up to that sub-forum. I’d like to sign up as I’m an archaeologist and historian IRL and I want to help out any way I can. I’m sure there are other backers out there who have a professional interest too.


Hi, you have been granted right for it now :wink:

If there is any other specialist willing to help like historians, archaeologist, biologist, geologist, architect, etc… please ask for rights in this thread.


So, here i am, asking for the rights! (Historian and Archaeologist btw.)

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I’m an archaeologist

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@Octavius @joeroe
Done and welcome!

Biologist here if you ever need any help.

Recruited to research about ancient fauna and biomes :wink:

Not sure if I count. I am an early neolithic novelist who has spent years studying the specific topic of early Neolithic Europe. My actual degree is in computer science, but I’ve studied the early Neolithic longer than I even did my actual field of academia.

I’m studying history at the college, would be great if I could have access to such an interesting subforum. I don’t know how I can be of help though - I have the books, just not the degree yet. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m an Anthropology Student, & Archaeology is my sub field. I’m not a Historian, but I have good knowledge about early civilizations I’d love to help anyway I can.

@lotus253 @Kerath @Mishab Welcome :wink:


Another archaeologist/anthropologist here. MA PhD, 10 years in Australian Archaeology
I’m interested in whether or not waste accumulation will be present in the game. Archaeologically sites such as artefact scatters or shell middens are important for studying the economic systems of the European Neolithic, but how those sites are actually produced is poorly understood, a simulator such as ancient cities might help with this. There is some literature I can point you in the direction of regarding theories on how artefact scatters and middens form, if you are interested.


I have an MA in Archaeology and a BA in Anthropology. I’d like to be included.

I’m a Historian- BA

Hi, I hold a BSc in Archaeology with Forensic Science and MSc Palaeoanthropology with focus on the Middle and Upper Palaeolithic periods. I’m strongest with human skeletal anatomy/physical anth/funerary practice but I’m reasonably knowledgeable with lithics and to some extent zooarch as well. I work at an archaeological site/museum that contains the only Palaeolithic parietal art in Britain (Creswell Crags). I’d love to be involved!


Hi, I hold a BA in Archaeology, although I haven’t practiced since 2010 due to a career change :stuck_out_tongue:

Historian and Archaeologist here but uni dropout so not exactly expert level!
Focused on the classical Egypt, Greek, Roman era

Wow, I didn’t notice this sub-forum! Although lately I didn’t read much about the neolithic, I have a MA in prehistoric archaeology and just finishing my PhD, where I used simulation models to build theory on the interaction between sedentary farming and mobile herding in Afro-Eurasia.

Hello! I would like to contribute too, if you still need more people helping. I’m on my master in classical archaeology and focusing on the Minoan, Mycenaean and Greek culture :slight_smile:

Hi I would like to help as well. I am an Archaeogeneticist, aka, using genetics to study Archaeology.
My main focus of research is on the movement of people during the late Pleistocene and early Neolithics for both Europe and America. My previous work also focus on canine genetics and their transition from grey wolves to domesticated dogs.