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Indiegogo campaign tracking

Hello guys,

seeing as I am a sucker for numbers and visualisations, I’ve been tracking the Indiegogo pledges from the start of the campaign, and I have made a handy graph of the first 10 days. Hope you find it interesting and useful, I’m planning to update it as we go along, depending on your reactions.

The cumulative pledges are shown in blue, with an added trendline in black; the corresponding scale is on the right-hand side. Amounts pledged on each individual day are given in red; the corresponding scale is on the left.

Since I guess we’ll be discussing the campaign as it goes along, and not just the recent success of reaching the first goal (hooray!), I thought I’d open a new topic for it - and it only fits under Uncategorized since I of course cannot make it an official update :slight_smile:


Fantastic! I’ve been looking for something like this but hadn’t found a kicktraq equivalent.

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Yeah, as far as I know, there is none, so I started tracking it manually. It’s not as accurate as Kicktraq, but it gives you a good idea.

Nice statistics. Yesterday 2 of the Deity backings were in the mix however, explaining the massive spike in the daily pledge. Factoring those massive pledges out of the equation, seeing as to how there’s only 1 left, I do not think that in the current rate the 60k mark will be passed.

But it’ll be interesting to follow its progression :slight_smile:.

Yes, I’ve noticed. There have been two Deity-level backings and a Shaman one in the first couple of days too, but the overall rate was higher, even discounting that. It’s a bit slow indeed.

Nice graph! I just watch the various results and, as of now, it feels slow(compared to the first day and the last ones during Kickstarter). Anyway I hope the pledges speed up, I would love to have coastal cities

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Aw man… I was really hoping we’d get the coastal cities stretch goal.


Many things can happen still, a well placed YouTube video by one of the bloggers, a longer progress announcement scoring some interviews, a Twitter push … can all give a boost to the campaign.

Yeah thats whats missing a bit… A bit more marketing. We as a Community should help to spread the Word of the Game. Take it, take the word, you can change the world. We are here, today, together. We have the Ability to create something … beautiful, unique yet stunning. Let us pray together for the help of the Old Gods and geoddesse so they will take up the torch and lead us on the battlefield of the ol´ web. My Friends, Warriors of the Keyboards, fellas and historians we can do it and we will. Let us make this game bigger than anyone could have ever imagined!

(I for example just texted a few german strategy let’s player (two of them are historians) and all of them are interested and never heard of it.)

If everyone of us just talk a little bit more with other people, we could easily reach costal cities or a new office :wink: or even more

The Point of that all is, that @UncasualGames is focusing on the people who already backed the game, so it´s our task to get new people here and lead them to the right side of the wonderful art of the gaming industry.


Thanks a lot. Any help is very welcome!

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We need that costal cities goal! Spread the word!

Any more recent graph projection to share? :slight_smile:

Oh, I thought I would post an update at day 20. Would that do? Nothing much has changed since :slight_smile: We need to keep spreading the word in any case.

Every 5 days if it’s not too much trouble?? About 5,000 was added in the last 2 days… I have my guesses, but I’m curious to see what the daily average actually is. You could always post raw numbers if that’s easier for now.

Nah, every five days it is, then. Expect an update on Thursday evening.

I have in the meanwhile tried to contact the Primitive Tecnology guy (to see if he likes what UG is planning and want to give a shout-out, perhaps).

The daily average overall, with 34k in thus far and 13 days passed is roughly 2615. Although as apparent in the graph, it’s a bit skewed towards the high-end on those first days.

Thing with crowdfunding campaigns is that it can really go either way from there. Completely die off towards the end, keep a steady momentum or skyrocket close towards a completion. The latter as we’ve seen as well with the kickstarter campaign. As in such, daily averages say the least. Trends can give an interesting projection.

At least the more European biomes appears to be well within reach though.

Would be great if the guy plugs the campaign. With nearly 5 million subs, I’m pretty sure it’d cause a surge of inflow again :stuck_out_tongue:.

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Yes, it would be amazing. Still, more in the realm of wishful thinking for now, though not impossible.

As of now is too early to say how high this indiegogo campaign will go. Hopefully they’ll be able to get enough money for the coastal villages but we’ll see :slight_smile:

Of course. What I’m actually after is an adjusted daily average, omitting all outliers (no idea what that’s actually called). And the lower bounds of trend projection would be interesting too.

Let’s play around with the numbers a bit. The simple average @Amygdala calculated gets us to about 78,000 by the end of day 30. If we ignore the big one-time pledges (4 x Deity and 1 x Shaman), the average is 2,270 per day, which at the end of the campaign would mean roughly 72,000 in total. Discounting the first four days of the initial surge (and 2 Deity pledges from later days), the average is 1,720 per day, resulting in 63,000 by the end. This would be the most conservative estimate with the numbers we have.

Lower and higher bounds of trend projections etc. could only be calculated if we had a proper model built on data from previous Indiegogo campaign (and it would be really hard to make a reliable one, of course). These simple averages will have to do - naturally, the calculations all assume that nothing is going to change in the future of the camapign.