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In game wiki or trivia, historical facts, educational

It would be cool to have in game wiki with real life facts about periods, people, events, animals, tools, tactics,…
Or just something easy and fun to learn facts. No?
Pictures or ilustrations would be great adition to it.


That would be a brilliant idea, I know several games did that, going as far back as AoE, and of course the Total War series. It always really adds and gives people a good chance to learn something about a period they might not learn about otherwise… of course I imagine it would be a lot of extra work.

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Exactly, i dont think its priority but such little details are always benefit

Just tough about total war as well with their in game wiki. It will be a tromendus addition to the game.

The Zoo Tycoon series had an encyclopedia of all the animals in the game, full of information about where they lived, what they ate, how many young they had, how they behaved, and even a few fun facts about each animal. The pictures they had for each entry were very nicely designed, as well. I remember that I would go through each entry just to see what that animal’s picture was.

Remember that we are almost a 2 man studio! Do not expect in-game wiki at first release. Maybe we could setup an online wiki with your support.


I totally understand you guys. This is just sugestion, and i would agree not getting it at 1st release, but when game and dlcs are complete and maybe youll have new team memeber or community support you could do it. I believe 90% people here would appriciate it. And myself would love it, and like to help but i dont know nothing about web page creation, codding, or game related stuff, i can help only with research/material search. Sorry guys.

I would be happy to fill out pages on all of the individual items (clothing, food, tools, etc). I am making such entries for my own webpage as a Neolithic intro and would happily copy the text over (all original, of course). Also, I am having illustrations of all major neolithic items/clothing made for my website and could add them, too.

I think it would be fun but I can understand the need to let the users do the heavy lifting… we need you DEV’s to just keep coding! :smiley:


Agreed this is a good idea. I’d volunteer too, but not sure how much help I can be in that area, my knowledge of the Neolithic and Bronze Age is amateur. But you guys have a community that is passionate about the subject, this looks like a area you can take full advantage of that.

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I think a lot of similar games (Dwarf Fortress, Rimworld, etc.) have fan-written wikis as their main “manual”. And given the interests of this community, we could always add little bits of historical background to something like that.

@Max It could be complementary with this topic Real museum object in the game.

There is severals archeologists (or related) in this forum, maybe with their help we can make a list of the most important/significant object/building/usage in the time periode. That way the dev have less research to do (research are so time consuming…)

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I think it could be interesting that some real life objects (like the Venus of Willendorf could be created in the game (a small percent chance of creation for each object). It could be notify to the player with a picture, a small description and perhaps the musuem name.
I do not know if they should give bonus to player (maybe moral, entertainment or religion boost) or just for fun.

It could be a nice adidtion to the game and maybe people will go see it in real life.

What is your thought on this ?


I love the idea and have ulterior motives as I work at a small museum dedicated to the Ice Age!


My current votes, though the dancing girl is not neolithic, of course.
Also, some of the goddess figurines found are simply amazing!

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I remember to have seen those bicephalous statues in Jordan a few years ago.
Small but amazing museum in Amman.


I’d love to go as I’m writing about that area, now. :frowning:
I’d also love to see some of the objects from Japan’s Jomon period, which I also find amazing!

Including genuine neolithic artifacts from around the world as a possible artisan crafting result would be engaging and as a side note, educational as well, personally i think that it is a great idea. May be the creation of such an object would add a certain prestige to the tribe that created/possesses it ? ( a positive motivation to either focus on an artisan society, trade or wage war for possession? ).

@Warspite666 I think the educational part of game are alway underestimated. When I was young I played Age of Empires (I still do :slight_smile:) and I really like the historical information provide by the game during the campaign. If it is well balance (not too many not too often) I think it could have a good influence. There is a youtube channel which talk about game design : Extra credit and they did some interesting episodes on education in game : Moreover they now do small history series (the current one is on the late bronze age collapse :wink:)


Hi team, I’m a technical writer and have an interest in documentation. There’s little doubt in my mind that a game as detailed as this one will eventually have an official wiki. I just have to request, though: can we please have Mediawiki installed on the main website server as the wiki? Barring that, use Gamepedia; I would really be disappointed if someone made the official wiki hosted on Wikia, which has more advertising than actual content on it.

Downloading and installing Mediawiki takes less than a day (customizing it, admittedly, is far more involved, but that can come later), I have it myself on my own server. It looks professional, has no advertising, and is pretty much the industry standard. Compare the styles of these two wikis: here and here

Additionally here are a few other examples from other games’ wikis. Compare and contrast the styles and the layout, specifically:

Mediawiki: Pokemon
Paradox’s Cities Skylines
Paradox’s Hearts of Iron 4
Star Fox
Team Fortress 2

Wikia: Command & Conquer
Rivals of Aether
Super Smash Bros

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Would not this be same as Age of Empires and Civ 6. Both of whom did a lousy job at getting history right.Telling the history might be brief with a link to an external source that can be relied on to get it right. Wiki can be very wrong at times.