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How to do mods?

I think I may eventually like to make some mods, but I don’t know anything about how it’s done (my only experience of modding was with Sims3, ages ago). Is there a book or tutorial that would help me understand? I can make models with Blender, but I don’t really know how normal maps etc work.


In this mod section we will include tutorials on how to create mods. The basic concept is that you can add your mod in Document/Uncasual Games/Ancient/Mod/YourMod. Once you activate this “mod” in the mod menu option in-game, every folder/file you put here will override the same folder/file in Steam\SteamApps\common\Ancient Cities\Ancient\Data\Ancient. There are also folders were you can add subfolders that will be loaded as new entities of the same type. Example : Ancient/Entity/Local/Building for adding new buildings.


Thank you.

Putting this here as a few questions.

I’m looking in SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Ancient Cities\Ancient\Data\Ancient\Mod along with users\user\documents\Uncasual Games\Ancient Cities\User for the mod files but can’t locate any. I have downloaded a couple of the test Steam mods but theres no folders in either of these locations for this.

Second question, looking at a lot of the game files a lot seem to relate to Visual effects and almost Javascript language in terms of how the game looks rather than a DB of what something does in terms of figures. Where can I find things like resource stats or spawn rates, or villager behaviour?

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Steam mods are downloaded in steam directories. Every entity configuration, model, animation, texture,… is in the base game directories and can be modded.


with what aplication should i open the mod files if i want to look at it?

notepad++ for the text files


K thanks

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The Ancient Cities Mods downloaded from the Workshop are in this directory :
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\667610

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