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Further backing

Is it possible to contrubute to the project still. I became a backer during the initial kickstarted campaign, a point where I was struggling financially and was unable to contribute as much as I would’ve liked. I was simply wondering if there was a way to further my contribution to this amazing project now that I’m more financially secure.


Hi, as a backer you can upgrade your pledge at any time from the backer settings in the website. Access is located in the top right corner while logged into the forum.

Direct access:

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So just out of curiosity, as I said before I pledged through the initial kickstarter campaign and I’ve just contributed through the current pay pal option. I was wondering where i can check for details about my kickstarter pledge as I cannot find any info on my prior pledge on either the forum site or the main site.

Log in on Ancient Cities website (top right corner) and then click the link they provided in this thread (here it is again:! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello, just looked out of curiosity and it says, that my current pledge is 0.00€.
But i am a chief, is that something i should worry about or unimportant? (Kickstarter backer)

This should not be the case, but don’t worry, we are checking it.

Hello, how would I get the access key if i upgraded to Lord tier recently and can not find the EULA button?

You should find everything here :slightly_smiling_face: