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All "Closed Beta Access" rewards are notified by email

We have already sent the email to retrieve the ‘Closed Beta Access’ to ALL our actual Lord backers and above. If you are a Lord backer and don’t have received this email, don’t worry, the reward it’s awaiting for you on our website.

You need to login to our website (not the forum) and enter in the user settings section.

You can do that by clicking the little cogwheel in the upper navigation bar near your name.

There you can find an EULA button, you need to agree to the EULA before getting your key.

If you don’t see the key but the EULA seems accepted, try to Login again in private Mode, preferentially using a Firefox browser.

If after accepting the EULA it seems that you can’t see the Key and the EULA accept button continues to show,you need to put in contact with us using the support contact page in the website.

If you change your email in the forum, you need to provide us with the older and new email in the process.

We are having problems with backers with hotmail accounts, please put [email protected] in your hotmail whitelist before contact us.

If you cant’t enter WIP section, please log out and log in again into our website (not the forum), then you’ll see the blue-colored WIP section, just under the orange “Official updates".

We will try to resolve all the issues ASAP


Thank you!

Thank you! Now that I have my key, how do I get access to the WIP forum?

The same : log in and out, the cogwheel, then you’ll see the blue-colored WIP section, just under the orange “Official updates” one.

The question is asked so often I’d suggest @UncasualGames to add that at the end of the first post here :slightly_smiling_face:


Excited to log in, and check out this work in process. Don’t forget to report any bugs you find guys. We are not just here to have fun with an early access game, we are here to help the Devs get this game running nice and smooth. Shout out to the Devs for all their hard work up to this point and for all the hard work ahead.


Hi there
Not sure which topic to post this under but there are a few users over on the steam forum saying they cant log in to the forums here on this page. Just wanted to let you know. I do not have any specific details on the issues they are facing.

Best regards.


Nunca me llego un correo de ustedes, nunca llego me key

Contactanos en la página web para soporte. Tambien puedes chequear el Spam folder.

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I never received an email for this Close Beta despite my Lord perk pledge. In fact, I don’t have any record of any emails from ancient-cities from anything but the VIP forum itself. Please contact me and resolve the issue.

Please check your spam folder and contact us in the contact section on the website if you don’t find our email.