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First closed release for backers


First of all we want to thank you because you have made this project possible from the very beginning.

Many months of hard work have passed from the prototype we presented in 2017. To make our own technology resulted in a great delay that we underestimated, so we decided to focus on gameplay and tried to find more funds to grow the team.After failing on getting enough resources to speed up development, we have decided to release a work in progress version, for backers only, so you can start playing the game from July 2020.

This is not the finished version we wanted to release but we have a debt with you and you deserve to play the game as soon as possible.


This version is a first approach to the Mesolithic era in Atlantic Europe. Your mission will be to keep your tribe together and alive in these hard ancient times.

In the new game screen you can select any region on the map to play during the Mesolithic period. Base satellite map resolution is low but there are some zones with better resolution available. You can check such zones by activating the layer button on the new game screen. There are also some mods available in Steam workshop with satellite map layers with better resolution, of course, you can upload your own.

The game represents regional migration of a nomadic tribe. Select your tribe and use the action “Migrate” to pick a place where to settle. Rivers and coasts are good places to settle so there you can fish or gather seafood all year long. Planes are plenty of berry bushes and in the mountains you can find mushrooms and hazelnuts, but beware, these are seasonal resources. When you settle, you will be able to build your village in a fully simulated environment.

Your people will need something to eat and a proper place to rest and sleep. If you don’t provide them properly they will leave the tribe or maybe they will die. As resources decay and they are hard to find or exhausted, you should be prepared to migrate to another place…

Currently a minimal work specialization is represented in the form of “Work groups”, so you can control work organization in your tribe and prioritize tasks. Your citizens will choose what to do or not based on its attributes and traits, so for example people too young or too old will not work at all.

Resource production is centered on fishing, gathering, cropping wild plants and chopping trees. These resources can be stored and processed so you can maximize their durability.

Tools are needed in order to perform some of the tasks properly. Different tools are intended for different tasks so you will have to craft them when you have the required resources and services . At this point, basic tools are included so no special knowledge is required to craft them. In the near future we will include the knowledge system so this will be a requirement too.

You can construct several types of buildings: houses, storage, defenses, services and decorations. All of them require resources and some maintenance in order to be able to use them for their purpose. Of course, an important part of surviving will be to construct the appropriate buildings in a proper time. For example, do not build a big house when you reach a new location or maybe people will decide to leave the tribe before the house is available because no one likes to sleep in the open too much time.

As the tribe leader, you can set up policies that must be followed, you can control work time and manage food rations, but people don’t like rules so you will have to use policies with care.

Other aspects are already in development and we will present them to you in the following releases when we consider that are playable.


A first approach to modding is available and it is integrated in Steam Workshop. Anyway, you can currently mod many game aspects because many game data is text based or it is using standard formats.

We have included some demo mods in Steam Workshop so you can try to upload your own.
Of course, we will continue improving mod support since it is an important feature of the game.


Currently only English is officially supported as a work in progress version. Spanish is available too as a demo mod on Steam Workshop. Creation of language mods is already supported, so it will be easy to add new languages in the future.


Recommended requirements for “Normal settings”: i7 8GB 1060 GTX

Minimum requirements for “Low settings”: i5 8GB with a 2GB GPU

Currently integrated Intel GPUs are not officially supported.

This is a work in progress version so bugs and optimization problems with some hardware & drivers are expected.


After this first release, we are determined to continue the game development covering all the aspects in the Mesolithic and Neolithic eras but now with your direct feedback so you can share our effort and our love for the game.

We plan to release periodic updates with new features and bug fixes that will be directly available for you on Steam until the game is released to the public. After that you will have access to the release version and to a beta branch with the latest features.

In the following days we will publish an explanation of the release process and the concrete day when we will start with it.

Thanks for your support!


This is amazing news! So hyped for the game! I’m glad I supported it!


Can’t wait to see what you’ve produced so far :slight_smile:


Fantastic news… I can’t wait to get my hands on this and do some modding. I have over 50 mods on the workshop for Stellaris and Total War games.

I am curious as to how much additional funding you require for speeding up development and growing the team?

Edit - haha I just checked what pledge I have through kickstarter, I forgot what tier I did. I selected
The beloved Chief lol love it :slight_smile:

Edit 2 - how are you going to go about giving this early access to certain backers and not others? I’m guessing sending emails out; which are connected to our kickstarter account… allowing us to redeem on steam?


Well, here in Spain game professional salaries are lower than in other first world countries but a senior game programmer has a cost for the company of at least ( and aprox. ) 35K - 50k euros per year. We have assigned to us much lower salaries but no one with enough experience would work for so little money.


So do you think you only need 1 additional senior game programmer? for 1 year? 2 year? Have you considered selling some shares of the company to raise capital? (Angel Investors)

You will be notified by email and you will get your Steam key in your account settings on our website.


That was only an example. We are considering many options for getting resources but without success at this moment. Anyway we will continue working in this direction.

Perfect !! I am extremely interested in this game as it is detail orientated… cinematic… and gives you freedom to place and build buildings on any angle. I’m excited to review the UI and check modability


AAAAAAH, I though it would get out in June. NOOOOO :frowning:

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All this work finally coming out to the backers… Congratulations on achieving this! :raised_hands:
Really eager to see what’s coming and playtest the hell out of it :smiley:

Beta backers, assemble!


Did you place a bet on the Discord server? :smirk:

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One thing that would be cool (though I am by no means suggesting you do this in this project, it is only meant as food for thought for future projects) is if the game would be open sourced to some degree (issues with securing funding vs piracy needs to be adressed though).

Imagine a game where the core developers are paid employees, but backers and other contributers with the correct know-how could contribute by pushing code / assets to the project to assist the development.

That is a model i’d like to see at some point. Maby I’ll have to go start building my own game for that one though :stuck_out_tongue:


Wait… I read the topic again, my english is not very good, I don’t know if I understood properly.

When you say july, it means that the steam version is coming in july, or it is for the closed bĂŞta?

The beta will be carried out on Steam in July!

Hopefully not a the end of the month, the twitter comment few days ago made me think of a earlier release :frowning:

Great news, can’t wait to have fun and find some bugs :wink:


que ganas de poder probarlo por fin!!! no puedo esperar mas jaja


Y E S, I can’t wait to playtest this game!



YAY!! I can’t wait to play this. Good work you guys. Stay healthy and safe.