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DAWN OF MAN :( looks a bit like you idea

hello I think someone is taking over your idea a bit of a shame
I’ve already seen something of it but now it starts a lot on ideas that you also have why
yet I think your quality is better as someone else it looks better too so come on and make it a great game that surpasses everything


Who is making this other game?
What is it called?

I think he means the game called “dawn of man”. (
It is suposse to release in Q4 of 2018

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Dawn of Man, by Madruga Games.

I can’t help but feel but feel their game looks like rushed though, at least regarding the cartoon graphics. But that may only be a question of taste.

If they really release end of 2018, AC will lose the benefit of being the first on the markets. So it seems it will need:
a) real ads and announcement so that Madruga can’t try to play alone ;
b) to don’t be shy using every critics against their game to show how that’s not the case in AC through dev diaries, gameplay footage, etc.
Being 2nd may be a dramatic advantage in the competition :wink:


Wow, it looks like a complete rip-off!
I don’t buy rip offs.

Also, new graphics don’t look quite as nice. And lastly, I don’t like the name.


Well, let’s relax. Or did anyone think, AC would not have competitors by 2019? There comes Age of Empire 1 in HD, a mod to Mount & Blade Warband (I think this is also called “Dawn of men”) and certainly a few other projects that go in this direction.

Also think, let’s let this game be our “scout”, see how the reviews of the trade press turn out and the reviews of players look and orient themselves afterwards. The decisive factor will be what the game can do and how it presents itself. I find the interface, e.g. never bad … How historically correct it will be and how it feels like you will see. At the right moment to be present with the note: “And there is also A.C., whose approach is so and so and promises - building strategy and a concept blablabla ice age, Neolithic beyond the Iron Age addition (?)” Etc.
Quiet and determined to continue working and present a surprising and convincing product. That will be fine.


is it me or does that game looks like it came out somewhere 2000?


It doesn’t have the pretty graphic. AC has the pretty graphics that look like a diorama, which is what first appealed to me.

There are really three things that will set a AC apart from the competition. I cannot stress how important these three things are in standing out from the other games:

  1. Modding. Games like Skyrim have remained popular for so long because of modding. Modding is one of the best ways to keep a game alive and keep enthusiasm in the product. This is well known in the gaming industry

  2. Realism DLC. Some people like the nerfed version required for ESRB rules, but offering a realism download with all the true grit and grime of the Neolithic will not only generate more Revenue, but provide players with the ability to experience the Neolithic as it really was.

  3. Scalability. Having the ability to operate on a multitude of configurations from low into high end increases the games longevity and increases its market share. Nobody wants a game that requires a $5,000 gaming system, but people with high-end equipment want to be able to push to the max.


Do not think, then I would have played it :grin:


Got me interested, :slight_smile: but the graphics are very lame. It will be interesting who will win. AC better get to market fast are they will lose. By the way who really want to play the MS game again?

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Bah, never again xD

I like Madruga Works, though. Their first project, Planetbase, was a nice little game which kept me at the screen for hours. “Competiton makes for a better business”, doesn’t it? We’ll see where this leads. I don’t want AC devs to rush now. Better do the Duke Nukem way: It’s done when it’s done.

Best from Solingen,

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While this is true, now we have to be careful about what we show until we are very close to release.


Aye. That’s unfortunate. For us as users and maybe for you as developers,too :roll_eyes:


That sucks but at the same time it’ll just make us want to play the game even more! I’m at the stage where anything regarding Ancient-Cities excites to the point that I feel like I’m going to explode. Haha.


It’s by the people who created Planetbase.

That alone should calm you down. Expect a bug ridden mess that’ll spend a couple years on early access before releasing as a bare bones project containing only the most rudimentary features needed to be called a game.

You know, like Planetbase?

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According to the latest information : , the release date for Dawn of man is the 1st of March 2019 with a close beta in october. So in the end, both games could be release around the same date.

From how it looks at the moment I’d guess AC would win in the long run. The quality of the game and the work put in is obviously better than DOM, even at this stage in the development.

If AC can raise awarness about its existance and market itself equally to (or better than) DOM in a timely manner then I wouldn’t worry too much about the competition from DOM.


I will increase the rate at which I put out the word about ancient cities. I know a lot of prehistoric enthusiasts, so I need to use that to gain interest…

We need to sell people on the strength of ancient cities, which is the higher quality of the product. Do people want a good vintage bottle of wine or a box of the cheap stuff?

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How is this a rip off?

Where is the selective IP?

We’re not talking about taking legal action, or any legal stuff involving serious Intellectual Property theft. Madruga Works are indeed within their rights to develop their game.
Maybe they had their idea at the same time as Uncasual Games, that is possible. What is also possible is that they saw AC and thought they could develop their own prehistoric city builder too. Again, they are within their right, but if it is the case, its not a very honest procedure. As we all love Ancient Cities here, we are also worried that DoM will compete with AC, thus affecting its sales.
Madruga Works aren’t doing anything wrong legally, but what we are discussing here is if it is wrong morally because the games premise is so similar.