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Closed version release process

Crowdfunding is over!

Today we start the release process of steam keys for backers with “Beta access reward”. First keys will be delivered shortly to the highest tiers and then we will continue releasing keys in the following days depending on issues we will encounter. We plan to complete this process before the end of this month.

Backers can still upgrade their pledge by login in on our website. Closed work in progress version keys are limited for new upgrades, we will close this feature when we run out of keys.


So how many beta keys you are planning to release? And not all the “lord” backers will get access to the game?

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Is that mean, you have enough beta access keys for all backers, and you give the other backers who have not access to closed beta yet, chance to enhance their tier to minimum Lord rank where is the beta access key?


I wanted to know that earlier.


All “Lord” backers will have access to the test version.



all current lord backers get access at some point, but the people upgrading there plans from now on are only going to get a key as long as the amount of backers doesn’t proceed there amount to give. that is how i interpreted that last part.


This is great! Looking forward to seeing what you’ve made, thanks!

Regardless, this is still pretty exciting news.

OK everyone, I think a lot of people are confused.
All Lords and above should get a beta key.
There are limited numbers of keys for a different version, called work-in-progress. This is separate from beta.

This is my understanding.

All depends on when you pledged and what you pledged. If you’ve been with this project since the beginning, you’re probably already able to check out its current condition.

No, the release to the backers just happened early, already with this WIP version, instead of waiting for the beta as originally planned. Everyone Lord and above will receive a key.

See this post (self-promotion :P) that concisely explains as much as possible:


I got in pretty early and no dice. I think it’s like this:

select * from pledges
where level >= lord
group by level_id
order by level asc, pledge_amount desc, lastname asc



That’s a cluster fuck if true lmao. Yeah you and I were about the same time.

Dang I only paid the 60 euro and I pledged hours before the crowdfunding ended

Poor me

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Well, I think it’s fine.

I’ve been a developer with people trying to get the code early and it’s not fun. If you give it out widely, you will be burdened with LOADS of complains, often the same ones.

Giving it to a few people causes the critical/high bugs to show up quickly. AFter this, you slowly add more people and work the bugs down.
If you don’t do it this way, you will be flooded with hundreds of people reporting the same bugs, often in different ways.

If they had paid me to consult them on this, I would have recommended this method or a small control group testing arrangement. A private, closed alpha would have also worked (like 10 people)


Hindsight is a bitch, but I’m sure it’ll work out. There will just be some annoying reports that have to be sifted through.

I am just chillin’ waiting for the happy day to arrive… in the meantime I have a life to keep me occupied. :smiley:


it literally says ‘‘ACCESS TO CLOSED-BETA’’ in their page lol.

In the same boat as you!!

Well you were already here when I arrived in Sep 2017… no key here yet, but I’m cool with that. I was Sep 2017 and I am pretty sure was via Kickstarter but could have been Indiegogo.

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