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Character attributes and genetics

Love it!
Also, they have names! :slight_smile:

As I say in my comment : [quote=“louis.mervoyer, post:5, topic:2483”]
the offspring would have an extra chance to be weak

not 100%. And it actually fit what you are saing :wink: (I am affraid that some people will complain if you have the posibility to kill weak children in the game so it is unlikely this feature will be in the game).

Your comment made me think about something I heard : the best match (geneticaly speaking) is a 2nd degree cousin (son/daughter of your mum/dad cousin). It is not well documented so the reasons are not known but it could be seen in Iceland (and in your country) ref :

So 2nd/3rd degree cousin is a good balance : close (good benefits) but without the extra chance of genetic diseases.

Ok, who wants to continue?
I think we have strength, skill (perhaps dexterity, rather), then I think intelligence. What about the last two?

Maybe teaching and leadership ?

I still stick with perception / awareness think this is one key attribute at least hunters should have had that time.

we should think about the symbolism again :wink:

Lets light this a bit. Actual basic attributes ( subject to change ) are:

Fitness -> All that make someone good for physical tasks, strength and dexterity included.
Crafting -> Name it manual skill. All that makes someone good for manual tasks, good artisans or artists
Intelligence -> Self explanatory, this character is curious and learn fast. Involves cunning.
Charisma -> How good the character is for social interaction, politics and leadership.
Will -> How much the characters like to follow his own rules or pushing his own limits, also involves courage

Attributes are inheritable from parents and/or trainable and serve as modifiers for actions and decisions.
Its also planned to add specific traits over this attributes to better define some characters, but we are not sure if this can be added before first release.

Now, keeping in mind that we need the base attribute number as low as possible while being capable of defining interesting and useful characters for the game, do you miss something?


Grmpf… Came here one minute after the solution was posted, so I couldn’t play what I think is the AC first game ever :cry:

This seems to be well thought-out. I guess those 5 would be enough.

Maybe some others will be hidden though, like fertily? I remember having read a study when being at school that showed that most men “evaluated” women with their hip sizes.

One (related) question also: you spoke about: you spoke about “actions and decisions” using those traits as triggers. Will resistance to the various illnesses be based on those traits, or will it be more “random”, with let’s say 60% chance to survive & meaning a flue could kill a 100%-strong hunter (which is quite realistic, even if I fear tendency for head to get cracked against some walls in a few months :smile:)

Also: as a professional video-game translator, I love the fact those icons are really self-explanatory. Sometimes it’s a bit tiring to have to post bug-reports, fixed at best 6 months later, because we’re lacking space in the UI for every language save English.

We roll dices over probabilities so attributes are probability modifiers.

Fertility modifiers at this moment are age and fitness.

We use tooltips with names/descriptions over the icons, so there is plenty of room for any translation.

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This is a good idea in theroy. However, if we play the genetic game. We should also consider the fact that genetic memory can go back hundreds, if not thousands of years.
Meaning that our people in game should at random get a gene that is not from there direct family.
I am asking for an occasional anomaly. Please keep that in mind.

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This already happens.


Well thats good to hear. I’m trying to keep up with everything. :slight_smile:

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@sakelariosak this naturally happens. If you think of a family tree, and then throw probabiility in there, you have a probability in tree. If you graph this, it turns out to be a normalised distribution. When there is an ‘evolutionary’ element you have a moving average (mean) over time - thus because everything is based on a probability roll it you are going to have strong and weak individuals in roughly equal amounts.


Very good article. Interesting reading :slight_smile:

I actully thought up a way to deal with this very thing. I designed a tabletop zombie apocalypse game that had a strong base in genetics. Say you have your set of stats. Intellect strongest amongst them. Say 1 is lowest 10 is highest. You have a nine. But most people have say a 4. Taking the smart character and setting him to teach 2 or 3 others will increase them to one below the smartest character. This is a permanent change to those other characters.
To increase their intellect further, they themselves must be set to study individually. Finding new books and how to instruction. Those can then do the same. A 10 state must be constantly worked by both study and work in the area of study. Allowing for that characters mind to be stimulated.

Furthermore. Breeding with an equally intelligent person can create very intellectual children. Though lacking in other places as complete focus on a singular stat does. Someone who is randomly born with an stat of 10 is what I called a prodigy. And does not have to work to maintain that 10. This is as I should mention a rare occurrence indeed.

There seems to be other information for the NPC (age etc), we could see the whole Vita, please?


At this moment Name, age, and close family are available.
If with “vita” you mean a sheet with that character decisions and events, we have not decided yet, but it is not a priority plus it creates the problem of storing and handling all that information for every character in game. Keep in mind that we are aiming for a few thousands for big cities.

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Meaning no shiny graphics with historical evolution of culture/religion/life expectancy and other nicies to look after having played a game?