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Apprenticeships - Community and professional skills passed on

Will there be this? This is how most people learnt their trade. Sounds a nicer idea then sticking a tick in a box somewhere.

The ‘master’ having to teach the younger generations to pass on their trades… it would happen with most profession/skills I should think.

If it isnt kept on top of them you might lose a valuable skill from the community. Afterall, you cant learn them out of thin air!

Havinga master culd take you up into the higher levels of that skill. Without there would be slow going to learn with many of the harder levels and skills being impossible to learn.

Though taking people into your tribe that wander in could add new or lost skills back on occasion (if you live that long!)


This sounds like something that would definitely be done. The devs have told us that our citizens will choose what jobs to do, so maybe that is something they could do once they reach a certain age in the game. Maybe by the time they are teenagers (or younger, I’m not sure when apprenticeships normally started back then), citizens will have chosen a profession and started training for it.

There’s another topic that delves into how villagers share knowledge, skills, and technology:

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I hope they do that. But, I won’t be surprised if they pull a Banished on us and just have citizens doing tasks you assign them to with freedom during seasons when they are useless. It’s a system that works… though not very realistic for obvious reasons - i.e. the assumption that all citizens are equally as efficient at every job… Without comparative advantage, there is no sense of a real economy.

It wouldn’t be hard to randomly allocate base stats to each villager along with some leveling bonuses, such that one might gain strength faster, while another dexterity, along with leveling skills according to usage plus natural proficiency. A lot of number balancing really, with multipliers and decay rates. Oxygen Not Included manages to simulate every tile in the game, including heat transfer.

Since it’s been their stated goal from the outset and already have the basic simulation running, I’m sure they’ll accomplish something quite good in the coming year.

The devs have already said that citizens will choose their own jobs. I don’t think players will not have the ability to assign workers to buildings/jobs.

optimistic. But, not impossible. I just said it would be easier for them to not put that level of detail into the game as they already have a ton of work ahead. Remember, this is a two man team and they are constantly busy. If you want the game to come out next year, then you should really keep your expectations lower… However, I don’t think its impossible and I would appreciate it if they did do this sort of thing.

I am aware of that, however, I am almost positive that you will be able to set priorities and that is what I meant by assignment. like in ONI.

The Development has said that everything will be citizen based and hinted that technologies will be passed from person to person (and therefore it may be possible to “loose” technologies). So I think the answer to your question looks like a “yes”

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