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Ancient Cities v0.2.10.0 Agriculture & Environment

v0.2.10.0 Agriculture & environment

When your tribe learns agriculture you will be able to create farms for growing food. You will have to till the fields, plant when the planting season arrives and protect your plantations from wild animals. Temperature will affect the growth of your crops, the growth of wild vegetation, the clothes of your citizens and the effects of the environment in general.



  • New knowledge : Agriculture.
  • New area : Farmland.
  • New work group : Farming.
  • New tool : Stone sickle.
  • New plant : Wheat, pea plant.
  • New resources : Wheat grain, flour, bread and pulses.
  • New production buildings : Mill, oven and tresher.
  • New policy : Communal tasks.
  • New achievements : Starting conditions, culture transition.
  • Environment : Warm & cold clothes depending on temperature.
  • Environment : Effects taking into account environmental conditions.
  • Environment : Blizzard effects.
  • Environment : Forest landscapes beyond the playing area.
  • Environment : Temperature affects vegetal growth and production.
  • Notification when sea level reaches your city.
  • Help button for controls.



  • Gathering animations and effects.
  • Savegames folders deleted correctly when required.
  • Crashes in migrant groups after neolithic.
  • Visual glitches on human skins and eyes.
  • Game freezes when settling down and at migrants arrival.
  • Crash when checking where to move.
  • Rationing slider not showing correctly.


  • The German translation will be included in the next hotfix.
  • Rivers are not carved correctly in some locations.
  • Saved games could become obsolete after an update.


  • Please send us a report if the game crashes and write down report number.
  • Please use the Steam ‘Players’ forum to post your feedback, bugs & issues.
  • Please mod creators: Update & upload your mods when required.


-Next we will implement temples and burials.


-If you want to support Ancient Cities development, please write a review on the Steam store page.


Feedback -

very similar feedback to last time, time to gain knowledge still seems long but maybe that’s mostly because I don’t have as much time to game as I used to so time is a premium.

Got my population up near 50, so agriculture works thats basically been impossible for me up to now, i still died after a few years as my planning wasn’t up to scratch (ran out of grains for next seeding season) but hey that’s the game. Next run i’ll try to vary what I harvest so not everything relies on the wheat from the off. Also maybe I’m trying to run too large fields on too few people. Not sure. I’ll work it out.

I find it odd that the thresher doesn’t seem to have straw and grains as a by product that’s a feature that should definitely be there.

Haven’t unlocked mud housing yet, but I can see that hopefully stone housing and more more complex monuments will be our end game…

For ovens, Straw for kindling and a single (assume someone breaks it up) log as a required resource makes more sense to me than sticks as you have to have the large fireplace unlocked by the point you get there.


There’s a bug where tanned hides that are created disappear when settling from migration

They are in the tanners? or properly storaged?

Is it possible to permanently clear a map of wildlife? (I seem to have nothing to hunt after 4 years and I need tanned hide for the thresher lol). hopefully just need to not hunt anything for a while.

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Ok I have a proper request - option on the storage - Reserved for Planting

I hold back a set number of seeds for next season, I open storage for seeding - Everyone goes and eats them. Very annoying as then the next colony dies next season because I couldn’t produce enough food as they ate all the seeds for crop.


Yes, you need to take care of fauna so animals can reproduce. Anyway new animals will enter the map (very slowly)

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We are implementing something to fix this in the next hotfix update


Great, I’m liking the recent additions and being able to store seeds for planting will be really helpful.

If I do run out how do I find more? In my current game I can’t find wheat anywhere.

I had set my hunting limit to smaller animals right at the start of my game. I was scared to hunt anything too big, to my pleasant surprise I discovered 20 horses after a few years when I upped the size limit. Maybe letting them reproduce for a few years early on helps. I had enough fruit and fish to scrape by. Finding honey was a delicious treat too!

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Thanks for the storage change!

The straw situation is currently dire, I have 4 massive fields of wheat and I get no straw out of it which makes no sense once agriculture came along this will have been the primary source of straw and still is today. My gatherers say “We can’t find Straw” so there’s none left on my map as such all my houses deteriorated I don’t have mud huts available yet and I don’t have enough reeds to replace all those houses with that type despite having dedicated gatherers for reeds collecting since the the start of the run. As it stands it’s not possible to maintain a large colony if we can’t get straw from wheat.

The AI also needs to be much more aware, if it isn’t already, about which food is freshly made and which food is about to go off and favour the latter. I understand them favouring higher calorific food such as bread and meat when it appears. Bread and meat is delicious, although I’ve seen no sign that that actually keeps them satiated longer, does it?


Food is chosen based on preference (fresh food first, then fruit, vegetables, roots…) ,distance to the store and other considerations.


Straw extraction in the threshing process is planned and will be implemented shortly.

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My farming work groups never actually seems to get any members I guess because the farming skill is very rare in my colony?
farming gets done by communal tasks (which is actually fine, at least currently, I have them on high priority so my entire colony tills and plants the fields)


I seem to have a max colony size of 67 before colony collapse begins and I can’t produce and store enough food to last until the next planting season as I can’t possibly plant enough in time to feed that many, with that many mouths to feed and there’s not enough of anything to gather hunt or farm to fill in the gap. That’s on zero rationing though.

At this point I also can’t collect enough reeds or straw to maintain the housing that I have.

Anyone managed to get above that?

Got my 5 years survival achievement though.


Frist of all, if you are playing an old save on a new patch, migrate immediately as some of the changes in the patch will not be in effect on old saves untill you migrate. Such as Straw.

You do not need farming skills to till, plant or harvest.
If you adjust priorities in Farming groups to always be max, then lower all others to default, or 1 tick below max, the farmers group will always be filled when tilling, planting or harvest season starts.
Remember that when the farms do not need any work, your farmer group members will join other groups that has tasks to do and a spot available. This is working as intended so empty farmer groups in for example December is correct. If there is no available spot for them anywhere else they will stay in the farmer groups but go do communal tasks and chores.
You can also increase the group task priorities in the policies to make sure groups have priority over the communal tasks by moving slider to the left.
If you do not have any farmer groups, all farmland is then by default; communal tasks, meaning it will be tended to by tribe.
So, if you wish the tribe to focus more on the tilling, planting and harvesting, you can during these seasons, adjust your communal task policy to favour communal tasks above group tasks, by moving the slider to the right. I would go max.

It sounds like your tribe have bitten over more than they can chew of work-force tasks versus income.
There is a balance that needs to be met in order for things to go smooth, and this is smt we as players must adjust for every new tribe and locality as they are all different. Also as the years go by.

If you cannot keep tribe afloat at population 67, no mats and not enough food after just 5 years with farming, then smt has gone very awry with your tribe balance.
I first of all recommend labour age to be as max as your tribe leader allows you.
Do not mess too much with workhours outside tilling, planting and harvest season; as in , change it to 1 notch to the right from default at those seasons, then lower it again before anyones health is suffering.

I also recommed that you take “drastic” measures to correct the lack of balance by adjusting all groups.
As an emergenct solution to get tribe quickly back on the feet try this:

1: pending season: make 1 group , max vacancies and prioritiy that focuses on 1 foodtype, if autmn pick nuts, if summer pick rosehips.
For spring and winter max out your fishermen, and increase hunters to 8, if you have animals left in your locality that is, otherwise, create a 2nd fisherman group with 8 people in it
2: make 4 more gather groups:
1 group for straw only, 10 people
1 group for reed only 10 people
1 group for fibre, 2 people
1 group for sticks 2 people
Put all these group max priority and place all others 1 notch lower.
Let them massharvest till the food is in large amounts, at least 6 sleeps for entire tribe.
Nothing else is important for a while so leave other groups as they are even if empty.

Pause everything that needs repairs and do 1 hut at the time as enough mats come in, this can take some time if your entire building amount is in disrepair.
Dismantle any huts that are above the count of heads in tribe as you are effectively throwing mats out of the window. There is no need to make more huts than your actual population count.

This might be down to logistics as well, as the further away you have to send your workforce for same amount of income as 5 years ago; the more workforce is needed to achieve same amounts, due to loss of workhours to walking. Hence as time goes by, this should be adjusted bit by bit as you see income is too low for the workforce.
You should however with right balance, never have too little food in your tribe.
Food is always first, always always, so, let people go without huts for a while as you are working on the right balance, then you can build huts, 1 by 1, and also adjust balance as you see things are starting to go awry. If things keep going wrong, stop what youre doing, and figure out where the bottleneck is, then adjust accordingly and keep going.

If you cannot get out of this pickle I can help you further by watching your stream on Discord and see how you are managing your tribe as you go along.
I can then guide you where I see it might be needed. I can also help you get your tribe back on its feet.
Just let me know :slight_smile:


You need to dismantle your pelt huts in order for the tribe to bring the leather with them when you migrate.

I am assuming you have assigned the farmlands to these groups ?
If not, then thats why they are not getting filled :smiley:


I just let the communal tasks do the job of tilling etc

I haven’t loaded my save for a couple of days I’ll give all your suggestions a go when I get a chance and see how I get on rescuing my colony! There is a discord for the game? I had no idea lol

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