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Year of starting date?

Did a search but didn’t find this question: is there stating date year for the game?

There is not a defined date. “Late Neolithic” for the first release is the more approximate answer to this.
Our plan is to provide the player with the information available for the time. Understanding the year cicle does not mean to have a actual calendar or work with dates, so there will be no dates in the game for Neolithic time.

The most approximated is the counter of played years, but not having a starting reference that hardly means nothing more than the number of played years :wink:

=( I like the early neolithic and trans meso/neolithic lol
At least we will have the later technologies. :smiley:

Player will start with a nomadic tribe in late Neolithic, this is to avoid having to wait thousands of years to gain new knowledge, but the start “feeling” will be Mesolithic.


\o/ I have always loved the Mesolithic. \o/
I can just pretend lol