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Will all tribes be created equal?


Just a quick one. Seeing as there will be many tribes at the start of the game i was wondering will all tribes be created equal (same Population) or is it random? like can you discover a well developed tribe (Hub) City with a busy economy at the start of the game that will be open to trade with all. So that smaller tribes can visit and trade? As time passes and your tribe gets bigger you could see trade coming more to you and the decline of the first city which could be seen as a trade victory condition? I wasn’t able to find it mentioned in other topics. If this was discussed can anyone please direct me to it?

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Will there even be victory conditions? A lot of city builder games don’t have those.

@Dernwine Well i actually dont know if they do. I was just suggesting if there was it could be used as one. Maybe it would be a good personal victory condition. Its a survival game after all surviving is the biggest victory.

@oisin2000 Indeed there is no mention of that. Other that size you could have difference in the specialisation of the new tribe : Hunt, fishing, gathering, craft or jack of all trait but master of none.

@louis.mervoyer have they discussed tribe placement yet? is that set or random? because if you selected a fishing focus and the game placed you miles from the coast or a lake. You would be out of luck. ha :slight_smile:

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There was a little bit of that discussed here but I think that’s all we’ve heard.
edit remember your tribe initially will be nomadic, so even if you start in a place you don’t like there is no reason that you can’t just walk to somewhere you like.

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@Dernwine Actually that reminds me i wonder how winters will work in that case. Have you ever tried to move your population in banished or forest village at the start and then winter hits ? I find it impossible ha “Died from hypothermia”. I did read time is 1 to 1 in this game so i imagine its easier to get set up when you move.

Not that I have any authority on this whatsoever. But, judging from games like Spore, it would make sense that randomly generate tribes would also be randomly developed. Or, another possibility is that the tribes surrounding you when you start the game will be weaker, less developed tribes, on par with your own. This will allow you to form alliances, raid, pillage, enslave, or anything else without it being too hard due to the advances of your immediate neighbors being so much greater than your own. But, I don’t know… lol

@Sargon Personally i would really like it to be a random development and random placement sort of start it would make it a lot more interesting. You would have it a better sense of achievement when you succeed in game. It would also add the need to migrate more if you end up starting beside a large war focused tribe.

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same. but it could theoretically be a matter of gameplay. But, If you are randomly spawned next to a large, hostile tribe then you can obviously just move away and set up a city farther away. So honestly, I don’t know how it will work out. I’m just proposing things that I’ve seen in other games.

It would be fun, specially sense all your villagers will have different traits. Specially if it works like crusader kings two and the " genetic programs" that you can do.

Warning ! Micromanagement level is rising dangerously ! :laughing:

More seriously, I love the genetic system of CK2 but it is Ok with one family. When you will reach mid game with several families if you have to match everyone it gonna be a pain in the …

I think traits must passage throught generation but you have no/little control on who match with who.

Or, at the start you can, then mid game you unlock a tech which allow cast society (a bit early for the time period maybe ? ) which do it for you.

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That would be fun

Probably not in the base game, but I’m no expert on societal stratification in the Neolithic so maybe? (shrug)

I like the idea, but maybe it could work similarly to TW Attila’s family system? It’s much less convoluted and would be easier to manage in a game like this.

The dev’s have said that you can increase and decrease the speed time elapses. Exactly how years/seasons will work hasn’t been clarified (I think the devs are still deciding). How I assume it’ll work is you’ll have to prepare for winter, perhaps come autumn you’ll have to settle down and start storing food for the upcoming hard months.

or switch to ice fishing and hunting? I assume that you will still be capable of feeding your nomadic settlers without a grain silo. Does anyone know what IRL nomads do during the winter months for food?

Depends on what kind of nomads they are tbh. There have been a lot of different nomad economies over the years, and how you make your living depends greatly on how you act when winter comes.

For example Pastoralists will usually herd their animals into winter pastures that are less harsh, warmer, more sheltered, and stay there for the winter. On the other hand people like the Botai would probably stay mobile during the winter as they followed the heards which they needed to hunt for food. Context is king.

Interesting. I wonder how that would be represented in-game? Do you think they will have a heat map to show you where to take your herd during the winter?

I suspect it probably won’t be represented. I imagine the game will basically feature a straight Hunter/Gatherer -> Settled Agrarian Progression (intermediate steps probably focusing around domestication of crops), rather than alternative pastoral semi-nomadic pathways (which tend not to lead to the development of settlements until they themselves become in some way agrarian). Maybe if the game is commercially successful we can have a Steppe expansion that allows us to play as Pastoralists.

just one more goal for the idiegogo campaign XD