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Wild Fire

Hello All,

I was reading the news on the fires going in the States at the moment i thought that wildfire could be a excellent mechanic within the game, a small random chance during a lightning storm or perhaps by human error. Forcing you to mitigate as the once bountiful forest around you smolders into ash.

Sorry if this has already been covered.


#NotYourTribeLeader #NotMyWildfire

But yeah, its a good idea!


Sadist! :wink:


Natural disasters, including wild fire, are planned.
Which ones are going to be present at release time is still to be decided.
Others will be added later.


That’s great! It could influence the location of our settlement (e.g. : if there is risk of flooding, don’t go near risky rivers). I really hope you’ll have the time to add that!

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We talked about flooding here if you want to check it out! :slight_smile:


Could imagine that slash-and-burn at this time was a common procedure.
Tree felling and digging up roots with flint tool is very tedious and time consuming. That often the clearing was a bit more generous than planned … imaginable. In unfavorable wind, the settlement was equal to “cleared” … :smirk:


Wildfires should not be too random. California is again an excellent example os this, arguably the best known.

This is because California is known for its frequent forest fires devastating large areas, paradoxically the state also hosts the worlds largest and oldest trees.

Some regions should be prone to forest fires, in other locations they should be unheard of. As a general rule any region known for ancient trees should also not be known for devastating forest fires.

Deliberate fire raising is exception to this, that should certainly be implemented both for short term agricultural benefit through slash and burn, controlled fires for firebreaks or as prt of a military strategem…

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