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I was wondering if there were any plans for dynamic water expansion/retraction due to seasonal or weather effects. I think it would add a layer of risk/reward on how close you place your settlement near a river on the risk of being flooded out. Also there could be fertility bonuses for areas that do get flooded regularly but you risk your crops being ruined if the rains come early. Thoughts?


Ballsy, but definetly a realistic idea!

I like that idea. Would be cool if the developers could implement something like that

When we have dynamic fluids simulation working, already funded on KS, we will evaluate the ways we can use it to improve the game. This may be one.


I’m not sure if it would work with Dynamic fluids but is having ice covering the water during cold snaps on the cards?

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It would certainly add realism as many cultures use floodplains for their growing.

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I do not know, if your engine is working on groundwater / water levels. In northern, very flat regions, a permanent flood would be the reverse problem of colonization. Here methods of drying would be just as exciting …

I’m not sure if the neolithic peoples had access to such ability.
While the could deforest and farm, maybe even channel water, but to wholesale drain areas? Maybe if this was the Bronze/Iron age, instead of the neolithic.


At some point, the first person thought and tried to …:wink:

Just a thought on field and :
What will happen if the fields are flooded or when the village is attacked ?
In many game field can be destroy by attacker or by flood.

In my opinion these mechanics are not realistic at all. How can you destroy a field with an axe?
Flood could damage it but also fertilize the field.

Hence I think that only crop can be destroyed by attackers (and by flood if it is during the harvesting period like @Icewolf said). Otherwise, flood will fertilize the field (a bit of extra work should be needed because flood will mess the field layout) and attackers do not damage the field structure.


That would be nice even to build a village on stakes.


Floodplain is very good idea. Floodplains can very helpful or they can kill you. Think of all the farming that has been done on floodplains because of the rich soil. Also, floodplains have very good plants like Cattail,


That’s basically what I was thinking when they showed us screenshots of the “world” map with the time scroller.

If I decide to settle X time ago when the channel sea didn’t exist or any land which would be under sea level in the future, how would the game manage it ?

There were pile dwellings around the Alps during Neolithic in areas with seasonal floodings. Here is a suggestion for new cultures when they get added. Would also add variety to construction.
Wikipedia - Prehistoric pile dwellings