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When is the game finished?

Many backers probably have the same burning question, when do we see some results for the money we invested into your ideas and promises?


Atleast an alpha like the other games have done so we can get a sense of where things are.

@basdegen @Enilyks Please guys read the others topics on the forum. The topic “AC is dead” talk about this subject in lenght.

Quick summary : no alpha release (annonce by the devs at the start of the project), current objectif : beta for backers, official release somes months after beta, the release date will be annonce when they are sure they can deliver in time.

If you want regular news look their twitter account :

You do not need to have an account yourself (I do not twitter myself)


I don’t have the burning question, because I read the before mentioned topic and know :sweat_smile: