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What's ancient cities pass?

I might considering upgrading from Lord to two upper level. But what is the ancient Cities pass.

There were more precision about the passes on the Indiegogo page:

Uncasual Pass Includes all games, expansions and DLCs that Uncasual Games may release in the future.

As far as I remember, the Ancient Cities Pass means you’ll get every DLC for free with the Savant level.
Please note I’m not saying anything official with that tough, maybe the devs may have more details to give about all of that.


Thank you for the explanation

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its enough to be a lord to recieve all dlcs, i think ancient cities pass is it if yhey will make a sequell to the game you will get it for free

Not quite, with Lord you get the dlc’s that have been unlocked during the campaign. That is, the ‘prequel’ Ice Age dlc and the Neolithic Middle East dlc.

You can read it in your Pledge:

So its like Elfryc said.


so its most of the dlcs to the game that we will see in the near future

Yes, the first two, but not all. And Ancient Cities pass is not for sequels, as @Karonis highlighted.

yep i see it and i stand corrected

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