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What Hardware is Supported

Is there a minimum and recommended list of required hardware. It is a bit rough finally getting the game 18 months late and finding out that your system isn’t up to the task of running the game. I am getting Graphics Card unsupported, AMD R9-200 4GB, granted it is an old card, but I have no trouble running any other game with it.


I am having the exact same issue, same card. Have you found a solution?

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I think there is no solution until now. Because the r9 cards are not supported. Problems with openGL

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I had been planning on buying a new GPU for sometime, so bit the bullet and brought an NVidia RTX 2060 Super, which the game works with. Now just trying to work out the game itself. Sorry williamsondonr that I couldn’t be more helpful to you.

No worries. I ended up doing the same thing. I’ve been wanting a new card for a while now any way. Went with a XFX RX 5600 XT Pro. Hopefully I don’t end up regretting going with an AMD chip again.

I thought about AMD again, but decided to go NVidia just in case.

Devs recommended Nvidia here in the forum.
Intel are not working like „old“ AMD because of half point floating Blabla tech issues. And they already made clear that this will never happen to work. For more please use search.