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Twitch live streaming and YouTube game play updates

Twitch live streaming and YouTube game play updates.

I believe that’s the way forward for reaching wider audience and update us on progress, just like Paradox does.

At least I found it very entertaining…

As well as involving guys like Quill18, as they can bring that much needed light as well as feedback.



A video from quill would target the right audience for sure.


I first discovered this game through suggestions on YouTube through Quill. I think Northernlion would also be a good idea for someone who could enjoy the pure beauty of the game and give exposure (let’s just keep it away from Arumba, he will nitpick at everything)

i love the suggestions but i also think the devs should do it the way they wish to do it. having a niche core base of fans at the beginning is nice, fewer expectations and (please dont take this personally) less chance we see a No Man’s Sky situation happen with hype. they already have the youtubers that need to be interested, interested, let’s leave it at that and have a bit of mystery to how amazing this game will be :wink:

I hope they post more videos on their YouTube channel, it’s been 2 months since their last video

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I can definitely agree that there needs to be more videos posted but at the same time…the game releases in over a year so there’s plenty of time for them to build up hype using more public Youtubers. Posting their own stuff on their own YT channel, though, I think should happen more.

To be honest I don’t use Twitter and don’t really know many users… Isn’t it more or less mostly USA thing?

I think the pics they post on a regular frequency seems to be enough for me as of now… as 2018 rolls by, yes, videos should come more frequently

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another endorsement for Quill

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So any progress with video posting as new community mod appointed?

We haven’t talked about this, but it is in the back of my mind :wink:
Probably not to illustrate development updates, but later at launch.

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