Tribe does not disassemble few tents and building before migration

So before I want to migrate eventho its still worktime tribe people stop disasseling buildings which I mark as such, they only do like 70% and then stop. They just hang around at the fire and chill :smiley: Is there a reason for this?

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CTRL+R in-game and post the number you get here please :slight_smile:

Report number: #6229

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Hello, you have assigned all pelt huts to a group that you have paused, so if you assign them back to tribe, they will all be dismantled in no time at all :slight_smile:



Ahh okay, actually I did not realized I assigned tham at all to any group, but I guess when I build them I must have been on the group panel.
Thank you very much for checking! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: you saved a few years of work for the tribe :blush:

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