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Tribal Hierarchy

We’re only human and power in one person can only go so far. Would we be able to change our type of tribal “government”? Like, it’d be cool if we could have a type of oligarchy of chief elders who are most influential. And also have some people envious of their position, with ambitions and such.

Edit: Monarchies would be neat as well, i.e. ancient Greece. Aristocracies or possibly a Theocracy ruled by the eldest priest :pray:


I owuld really like to see some kind of hierarchie structure and benefits/defecits for managing it and developing

I would love to have a monarchy or patriarch in my first play through honestly :heart_eyes:

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Idc what types of government we have as long as theres lots of choices. Id do fascism lol coudl you imagine a fascist tribe in teh neolithic period? lol. Probably mainly monarchs though, right?

:thinking:If it was lead by a man/woman of wisdom (like a Buddha or Jesus type of person or something like that) i’d go for it. But if it’s a Nazi Hitler or America i’d rather not :neutral_face:

Iunno bout you, but if you read up on Hitler he’s actually very smart and articulate. Thats not saying I agree with any mayhaps in his career, but he was a leader who took a broken nation and gave it 6 years of peace and prosperity. Raising their gdp from abysmal 11 to 50 in a few years while other nations still struggled with the depression. The other nations got jealous and sought to destroy Germany once more.

Iʻm not talking bad about everything about him, & i totally agree with the examples you brought up & believe he was a great man. Did you know he was on the New York Times Magazine for man of the year at one time? But at some point he “chose/decided” to do what he did, thatʻs why i added the “Nazi” part, which altered the country’s & the world history. If he didn’t take the “Nazi Path” & held the mentality you speak of in your examples, who knows where the world would be today. But i was just trying to focus on the mentality mostly, so the Hitler from your example would be a prime dictator, Nazi Hitler, not so much :grimacing:

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Let’s leave the nazis alone and talk more generally please. It would be nice to see government develop without a direct player’s influence, like that at some point if there’s a person with higher leadership than anyone else, he/she will take the lead of the community, or if there are a few people with the same level of leadership the government will be an oligarchic one.
If we consider that the devs said that people will follow their desire and inclination/aspiration, it would be interesting seeing how the community will develop in autonomy


I just dont believe everything those who were against him said about him. Propoganda is meant to skew your mind from the target afterall. But I do think the governments in this game should have some aspects of strength, unity and order that are the opposite of the other side of leading your tribe.

Fascism (as communism) is a complex ideology (more that it is communally imagine). It require a national “feeling” of belonging which is root in an (glorious) history and mythical past (roman imperal time for Italy, Germanic resistance to roman for Germany). Hence it is a product of modern time. It could not have appear so soon in history. It is very easy to apply modern value/meaning to ancient evens but not right.

As a French I will take the exemple of the battle of Tours (Poitier for the French) : it is presented as the battle which halt the muslim expension into Europe. However the reality (according to modern historians) is different :

  1. it was more a raid as a conquest
  2. Franks know little about islam at that time (they consider it as an other form of paganism) so there were no holy war involve
  3. It do not stop the muslim raid (a other one happen 2 years later capture without fight the cities in the south east of France)
  4. The winner was the regent of France who later overthrow the Frank king. Hence he and his descendants use this battle to legetimate their clame to the throne.

Right. You can’t HAVE these ideologies and philosophies in the game due to the time period, but you could have neolitic similarities in the values and morals your tribe has toward its members.