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Too many roots!

I have said it once and I will say it again, the perpetual roots are destroying the look of this game.
They are so repetitive. It really does nothing to help the more natural themed aesthetic.

The texture files are located here:
“…Ancient Cities\Ancient\Data\Ancient\Entity\Local\Object\Roots”

My question is this, Can anybody mod these out of the game or can anybody advise how I can mod them out myself.
Or even better, shall we take a vote on whether they stay or go or are severely reduced at least?

Sorry if I seem brash but I really feel this strongly about the repetitiveness of this texture

We upload a Mod to relax de roots density from 5000 to 100.

Enjoy !


Wow. Thanks!

Will let you know how it feels gonna test it now

Definitely still a lot of roots but they are less dense and seem to appear more where you would expect them. This should definitely be made a standard feature imo

Lowered in game from 5000 to 1000, lowered the Mod to 10.

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Cool way to test features such as this!