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I am curious about how much playtime do you need to play one year. For example, how much playtime do you need to play 1000 years in the game if you started on 10.000 BC? In normal speed.


It depends on the velocity you mostly play.
But also, when dealing with prehistory and aiming to reach more recent ages -via expansions- you found that the last thousands years easily include 90% of the future game content -Even if that is only because a lack of knowledge about what happened before written history-. To account for this the time in game runs at different pace depending of game year, so time runs much faster in 10.000 BC than in in 1000 BC. Keep in mind that this time velocity only affects year equivalence: how many real history years equals a simulated year in the game, but the time to simulate a year in the game is constant.


Interesting, so a year in game in 9000 BC will account for example liike 5-10 years? Will there be some sort of option to change how many years one in game year is for those who might want to stay in a certain time for longer?

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Yes, something like that where that ratio varies while approaching recent times. Otherwise Paleolithic and Neolithic would account for 99% of the game time and a future Rome expansion would be almost instant. This time velocity impacts mostly in how the game world evolves, like knowledge or culture expansions ratio.
Currently there is not a way to configure this speed but for the release time it will be there as it doesn’t impact balancing which is tied to the year simulation ratio, which is constant along all the game.


Homo Sapiens appear around 200,000ya and written history starts around 5000ys, so prehistory is at least 40 times longer, just for homo sapiens, than recorded history. \o/

Also, the Paleolithic has many non-homo sapiens we would still consider human, such as these folks:



Homo Erectus

And more!!!

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also we are not 100% homo sapiens as has long been known and proved hibrid population-based humans

Understood. It seems legit that the history years run faster at 10.000 BC than at 1000BC. Thanks for the answer. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hello there!

I just want to share.

I follow this game since the began because it seems like I’ll could play in a very good time the stone age, where just to get some to eat or surviving a rain is an achievement. Hope that keeps in mind and focus as the main theme of the game and preserves that unique time of the humankind, the magic, greatest and hardest begining of our species.

Greetings to all the AC team.