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There is no Neolithic Longhouse on the building list

As I see in the new update there is a new housing type “Neolithic Longhouse” but I don’t have it in my building list.

If your tribe has heard of the item then it will be visible but greyed out since they do not know how to build it, and as you increase skills and influence it will eventually become available to build for you. If the requirements are too far off where your tribe currently is, then it will not even be visible for you as your tribe has not even heard of this object before. This is why some Neolithic objects cannot be seen or are greyed out until your tribe is closer to the correct skill levels and/or time-line

You need 60% Neo influence, 90% Arc skills and 80% Woodworking skills to be able to build it, so if you cannot even see it then you are too far away from these points in your tribe.
When you get closer it will first turn grey, then as you hit all the targets, you will get the ability to build it :slight_smile:


I can see grayed out the roundhouse, but not the longhouse…lets see after a few years if it will eb discovered. :blush: Thx for the info!

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