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Technology and Knowledge

So i did some experimenting with the game and one thing that i think should be worked on just a tiny bit is the technology, historically we have direct evidence of humans using wooden spears for 500,000 thousands years, and hafted spears around 200,000 thousand years, so for us to start the game in the middle of the mesolithic or start at the end of the last ice age and not have stone tipped spears available is kinda weird imo. Also ice age europeans would’ve used the atlatl so for an ice age start the technology should be available and we should also have throwing spears too since we know they’ve been in use for at least 500,000 years. Lastly when it comes to knowledge i don’t think work groups should be banned from creation, because if ur tribe forgets hunting knowledge how can they relearn it if they’re unable to make a hunting group? other than that developments going well