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Suggestions for pc requirements

Hello there forum!

I’m going to buy a new laptop and my first and utmost concern when checking out options is: “Will AC work in this?”. I know it is too difficult to know the exact system requirements in this stage (Yes, I have already seen the FAQ section a million times). However, I am not very literate in tech stuff and I have a moderate budget, so I decided to bring my issue to you, my favourite neolithic-lover community.

I’m looking for a machine with one of the newest Intel i5, but not sure about the GPU. What would you suggest? I’m not even sure what does it mean that AC will not be officially supported for integrated GPU.

I know is not the most interesting topic, but I would really appreciate some help to ensure I will be able to enjoy AC.

[Now a message in Spanish for the developers]
(Si los desarrolladores leen este mensaje y de pura casualidad tienen alguna pista sobre los requerimientos que se van a necesitar, me encantaría su consejo también XD)

Thank you!

If you want recommendations than you need to be more specific on the budget, and if you are on a tight budget look towards AMD and their CPU’s. (they have better price to performance).

But as a starting point the devs FAQ requirements are very low, only recommending a quad core with a 2GB gpu.
So for CPU your looking for 4 cores with/without hyper threading (4 thread or 8 threads).

For Gpu my suggestion would be a at least a GTX 1060 or 1060TI,(try to find a deal with a 1070 though) as gaming on an 1050 is not great.

If you reply back with a budget range i can help you find an actual laptop.

PS build your own desktop fam. (can be cheaper than buying a laptop)


I agree to trerallan’s post. Especially, if you buy a notebook with a rather new AMD APU(!) you maybe don’t need to get an additional GPU/video card. Those are CPUs and GPUs in a single chip and perform quite good nowadays. You may want to look for a Ryzen 5 3400G-based system, which is AMD’s latest APU (most likely available from July, 7th).

Here you can find some more info about it -> <-. It’s an article in german but has english tables and slides so you get a good idea of what’s going on.

Greetings from Solingen, Germany

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Some computers doesn’t have a specific graphics card (GPU), but instead relies on the central processing unit (CPU) and system memory to calculate everything graphics-wise. This is what is called an integrated GPU. The main benefit of this solution is, generally, that it is cheaper.

The other way to handle graphics processing in a computer is by having a separate graphics card. This is called a “dedicated” or a “discrete” GPU. The main benefit of this solution is, generally, that it is more powerfull.

From a gaming perspective, a dedicated GPU is preferable to an integrated.

Uncasual writes in thier FAQ that there will be no official support for integrated GPUs. This does not mean that a computer using an integrated GPU will not be able to run the game. But to be sure to be able to run the game you should try to get a computer with a dedicated GPU rather than one relying on an integrated.

I am no pro when it comes to computers, but perhaps if you post your suggested computer of purchase, me and others on the forum can help you check if it looks up to the task of running AC. :slight_smile:

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Also, if you are planning on building a new PC for Ancient Cities, you may want to take a look at this conversation:

Apparently, Nvidia will perform better than AMD (the two main GPU/video cards manufacturers) for Ancient Cities.

You may want to take a look at this website if you’re choosing a GPU.

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You are forgetting that he is asking for laptop specs, and while AMD’s desktop CPUs are great they are lacking in the laptop department (at least for now).

But yeah, for better suggestions there needs to be a more specific budget. for what’s been said i’d say a 1050-1050ti is probably the most fitting for the budget for the graphics card, I don’t really know much about mobile proccessors available so I can’t really say much on the ideal one.

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Guys you are the best! I really thank you for the help. My budget is currently between 600 and 800 US$, is not THAT low but I won’t be able to get one of those super pro computers for gamers.

I was checking out things like this in the lower end of the budget
However, this is a GTX 1050, not the best as you suggest, and it has AMD. This is the kind of things I would be able to afford with the minimum budget. I understand that perhaps with the other 200$ I would be able to get a better CPU and GPU.

I’ve checked a bit and that one is pretty good for that price, I couldn’t really find quickly any other laptop that was outright better at that price, all of them had their tradeoffs.

At a bit of a higher price ($669.99) I found one with a better cpu and a 1050ti which is a bit of an improvement, although instead of a 256GB SSD has a 1TB HHD which can be anoying due to load times:

Finally at an even higher price ($757) it gets a 1060 which is quite good and gets back the 256GB SSD

I didn’t really look a lot into it but overall those 3 seem to be close to the best at their respective prices. Sadly I can’t really tell to what point getting the higher priced options is worth it.

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I did not forget that he wanted a laptop, my suggestion to build a desktop was due to him saying he has a moderate budget, and you can always spec laptops out on , for more that 100$ to 300$ cheaper if you build it yourself.

Edit: Getting a 1050 is a terrible idea, 1050 Ti you leave yourself no breathing room and will be stuck on all low 1080P. My suggestion is still to get at least a 1060.

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If you don’t mind used products, than i’d suggest going to ebay or any other used products site and try finding your laptop there.

In the link below you’ll be able to find multiple gtx1060 laptops between €650-700