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Just to make sure I am not crazy, is anyone else opening Steam and occasionally typing in “Ancient Cities” in the store search in hopes that its ready on there :slight_smile:


yes I am

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Not me, but I would like to know what means the last screenshot. I guess that Ancient Cities is in some kind of Steam development, but not sure. Does somebody know what the screenshot mean?

It means that Ancient Cities is currently on Steam, only it’s a test build accessible to the devs.
BUT, it means AC has a Steam ID \o/ (or game-number, for example:)

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I used to do that as it was in steam’s green light program till steam shut that down so I used to have to check from time to time up until the beginning of last year. Ive kinda given up anf forgotten about it till it officially out and get an email with a redeem code for LORD and see my name in the credits as a backer lol
But with my patience of a saint I should be upgraded to profit!


Thanks a lot for the info! It is always good to know a bit more :slight_smile:


Yup, guilty as charged :smiley: