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So I haven’t really checked in on this game since backing it on Kickstarter. Is there a rough date for release?

I know he original timeline was for Dec 2018 which has obviously been missed. I’m not too worried about getting the game soon or anything. I’d much rather wait and get a better game than have a rushed product pushed out to meet a deadline.

But as I haven’t been keeping up with the development I was just curious if there was a new timeline at all?


Last we heard it was sometime in 2019. The Twitter feed has more day to day news whilst the forum is more for hashing out details of in game things.

I cannot wait!!

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I didn’t even realise there was a twitter account for this! Haha

I’ll have a look. Thanks!


Need that Twitter handle :slight_smile:

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They are at @_AncientCities

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