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So any news?

Any update of how things are progressing during the “Beta access”. Heard nothing about the game since keys were given out to “Lord” and above backers in mid July. There are literally hundreds of “Citizen” and “Chief” backers that would like to be updated with the progress as well, throw us a bone please. Is it because you are busy or are we not worthy?

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Yes we are fixing bugs and game-play issues. We will post updates soon.


Thanks for the quick response. Keep up the good work!


You’re not worthy

doodskleedje - nice one, you are a bit of a gardening implement,no ?

If your comment is a polite way of saying I am an idiot, then you are correct, I am because I backed as Lord and I have a Macintosh. Does this news hurt you?

No, it does not hurt me at all, why should it? I just don’t understand why you would post such a petty response to my comment. It was a legitimate question to the Dev team, just reminding them that there are plenty of people who have backed the game and who have not had any information about the progress since Beta access. I am glad you agree with my statement regarding yourself though, very noble of you…

Oh yes, very noble. In fact I am so noble that I am willing to sell you my steam key!

How gracious of you!