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Shortening the ques for food in containers

When the tribe gets to 30 or thereabouts the hours spent on queing for food in pits or baskets is to me rather wasteful.
All stand in a line waiting for their turn by a i.e pit containing 12 Nuts.
Obviously that Pit will be empty before all 30 members have helped themsevles, but when the Pits are full , say 60 Nuts, there is no need to calculate as all can be fed from that amount.
So here is my suggestion:
Would it be possible for members who are in the que, but who wont get food from it due to it becoming empty after so and so many members have helped themselves to the 12 Nuts, to pre-calculate when the Pit will be empty so they can instead of queing for the Pit with 12 Nuts, immediately go for produce in a different storage container ?

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I assume you have only a pit with ( not enough) food. Is this the case? If you have more than one storage with food they should choose the pit with the minimum people waiting.

aye, but plenty foodz with longer life left, so I guess the mechanic to pick whatever rots quickest is hardwired into the charatcher behaviour pattern ?