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Setteling down

So I’m now wondering, how exactly will the settling down mechanic work? When we start We’ll be nomads, hunter gatherers in all likely hood. At this early stage if we settle down I imagine we will hunt and gather an area out of food right? Or will we already start (assuming we are not playing the Paleolithic expansion) with some patches of domesticated crops we can leave to grow and return to?

I would love to be able to select the “perfect” spot lol
It would add fun to allow the user to make the choice.

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Same, but I would like it if you couldn’t immediately settle into the perfect spot. Like you’d have to work out how to survive settled before hand, so maybe settle 3-4 times before you can finally make the “stay in one place” actually work.


I hope players can pick the spot, primarily because there are certain requirements to fulfill like close to fresh water, fertile land and so on(assuming you’re not a geek who wants to build a Paleolithic equivalent of a Space Marines fortress monestary like myself because that increases the amounts of requirements lol)

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I’ve been wondering this as well. I hope the devs can fill us in soon

I think that the settling down time should be at player discretion, when villagers begin to learn that crops can grown when planted you can choose to settle down, then some time should pass to complete the process meanwhile you still retain the old hunter/gatherer way of life.

I think the devs have mentioned that you’ll have the option to migrate to another map (at a cost) if you exhaust the resources in that area. So presumably “settling down” will be not doing that any more.

Couldn’t say it better.


That is, settling down will not “exhaust the resources” anymore, as you will have the means and knowledge for a sustainable permanent settlement?

hope so. If we can’t make a sustainable settlement then why bother calling it ancient cities? Just call it ancient migration at that point

Yes, that’s the idea.


Thanks, just confirming for the sake of clarity. Makes sense :slight_smile:

But when you consume all the resources in a map will you be able to choose where to go? Because ideally you would send scout parties before leaving and said parties give you the rough estimate of resources and land features. As example one area is flatter but it is scarse of water while another is mountainous but with ample water supply. This would give room to interesting decisions

I would assume the significant amount of food would be coming from fields with Hunting Fishing and Gathering as auxilary methods for food.

You end up with a dinner of roast deer liver with salt and wild onions, mashed peas with salt and a piece of unleavened bread,. =)

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ew… too salty XD

Nothing wrong with salt. Organs needs salt (trust me). People trying to live off of animals with otherwise poor nutrition would find themselves eating the organs as they contain significant nutrition.

It was just a joke. I dislike salty foods so I doubt I’d be able to stomach salty boar guts XD. (Next you’re going to tell me that guts are not very salty, just calling it XD.

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